Friday, November 13, 2009

If You Came to My House Today.....

I'm joining the party over at Kellie's blog.  (Thanks to Meredith!)


So, if you came to my house today, here's what you'd find:

Just inside the door you would see where my husband fixed the floor going into the office.  He had to glue a piece of wood down and then put two heavy bags of I-don't-know-what on top while it dried.  It's a great look.  Very classy.  Ahem.  Moving on.

You'd also see pictures, a towel bar, toilet paper holder, trash can, and a table in the dining room.  We painted the powder room yesterday and haven't put it back together yet.  Nice.

(See, we're putting our house on the market next week and we're doing little fix-ups around the house.) 

You might also see some happy kids playing outside.  Very happy because they've been stuck inside ALL WEEK LONG.  Sickness plus rain, oh the rain, adds up to bored kids (and mom!) with cabin fever!!  There are rumors that the sun has come out today, but I'm not sure I remember what it looks like. 

If you'd come a little earlier in the day, you would find me talking to a friend about home schooling.  She's getting ready to take the plunge and is looking for encouragement/ideas/support.  And since I love to talk about our preferred method of education, I was more than happy to have the chance. 

And before you leave, I'd love to serve you some sweet tea or even some coffee.  I bought Peppermint Mocha creamer today and I'm dying for an excuse to use it!! 

I might even encourage you to come back tomorrow.  And it would have nothing to do with it being Work On The House Day.  I promise! 


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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Fall, y'all!

It's been so long since I've blogged I might need to introduce myself!!  Hello, my name is Jennifer and I've been a bad blogger.

I knew it had been a while when my mom, who can't even email, said, "You never blog anymore!" 

Yesterday was quite the family fun day around here.  We started out the day at the circus with Becca's soccer team.  Kind of an end of the season celebration.  With clowns.  (Have I ever mentioned that I dislike clowns?) 

Forgot my camera.  I did take one pic of a clown with my phone to send to my friend Chad.  To torment him really.  He likes clowns even less than I do.  But it didn't turn out very well, because 1) my phone doesn't take great pics, and 2) you didn't expect me to get very close, did you?

Next we went to 2, count 'em, 2!!  fall festivals.  Cause we are very into the candy family togetherness. 

Here's our little Clone trooper, Commander Rex (apparently the Leader of the Clone troopers, I'm being told right now.  This is from Star Wars, if you aren't in the know.)


And our Brazilian soccer player. 


This is also known as "doesn't really want to dress up but doesn't want to sacrifice the candy."  And no, she didn't have two buckets.  One is Hayes's. 

Here's my costume.


This is called "Mama doesn't do dress-up."  Besides, aren't big cocktail rings in?

The following pictures are known as "taking pictures in the car of kids hopped up on sugar."





There's my sweet girl.

And I'll end with a funny from Hayes.  (If you're a FB friend, sorry for the repeat.  But it's worth repeating.)

We were driving in from picking up our babysitter Friday night and I guess Hayes felt the need to let Shelby in on new stuff going on at our house.  He says, "We have a magician chicken on the door!"  People, it's a turkey with a pilgrim hat!  

Oh bless.  I just love that little guy.