Friday, April 23, 2010

Show Us Your Life

So I'm participating in Kelly's Show Us Your Life Friday. And today it's How You Met Your Husband. 

Anyone who has known us for a while probably knows this story and usually gets a good laugh from it.  It's pretty involved. ha!

Once upon a time, way back in 1985, I was going on my first beach trip with my youth group.  Every year they went to Garden City, SC to the retreat center there.  And every year our youth group met another youth group from Asheville there.  Our pastors were friends and somebody had the idea to join our groups together for a trip and there ya go.  That year was like the 12th or 13th year for the trip.

And THAT year I met Daniel, who was in the Asheville youth group.  I definitely remember him that first year.  Not sure he remembers me though.  Honestly he was just a goofy almost 9th grader hanging out with his friends.  I was a shy almost 7th grader who was just trying to figure out this whole youth group thing.

So years go by and every summer we see the same kids who live 1 1/2 hrs away from us.  Friendships develop. During the school year, we would write letters (real, actual letters!) and keep up a little that way. 

Then yada yada yada, Daniel and I start liking each other just before my senior year in high school.  (yes, I just yada yada yada-ed my whole middle and high school years!)  We started dating at the beach that year.

Here we are!


This was my senior year and Daniel was in his sophomore yr of college.  3 1/2 hours away.  And my parents, in their infinite wisdom, would not let me go visit him.  So he came to visit me a few weekends a month. 

And then somebody (ok, me) broke up with him in December of that year.  On a Saturday night. While he was at my house.  For the weekend.  How horrible is that?!

Years go by. Ok, about 6 actually.  I'm out of college, working nights as a nurse and living at home.  We re-connect and date for a few months.  This time he breaks up with me.  At HIS parents' house.  The night before we are to go to a wedding.  Together.  Oh yeah.  Fun times.  And some (not me!) might say, pay back. 

More years go by.  Really, 3.  I'm working nights still, just bought a townhouse, loving life.  Enter into the picture again, Daniel.  Meets me in the parking lot before work and basically tells me I'm the one for him.  I'm pretty sure I just let him talk and then told him I was finally loving my life and who did he think he was to come in and throw this at me. I'm sure I was a joy to behold and why in the world didn't he high-tail it out of there?  Well, thank goodness he didn't!

After a good talking-to from our friend Ashleigh, he backed off and gave me some time.  A few phone calls over the next few months and I was ready to date him again.

So get this:  First date (again) in July 1998, engaged in September (in Garden City), married in May 1999.  What can I say?  When you know (FINALLY KNOW!), you know.

And of course, everybody in our lives, including our parents said, "It's about time you two figured out what we've known for years!" 

So here I sit, 11 years later, homeschooling our 2 children and totally loving re-telling our story.  I love our special story and the way God kept bringing us back together.


And today:

DSC05842 - Copy

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...the beautiful sunshine and warm weather.  And pollen.  Don't forget the pollen.

I am thinking...that I'm in big trouble because my daughter is not even 10 and the drama and attitude is about to put me in the crazy house.

I am thankful for...Girls' Weekend At The Beach!!! (See above!)

From the learning room...Transcontinental Railroad, 7s times tables, spelling words, pronouns, poems, and drama. :)
From the kitchen...fresh veggies and fruit from the farmer's market. Yay!!

I am and purple pjs. Yes it's almost 11 AM, don't judge.

I am take the kids to Carowinds even though my daughter's attitude might tempt me to leave her there.  It's called grace.  And also I don't want to be stuck here with her all day. ha!
I am reading...Eighth Shepherd by Bodie & Brock Thoene (series that my mom got me started reading)

I am hoping...that I will maintain my positive attitude and good mood all day long.  Some days it's a struggle.  (Who am I kidding with the 'some'?)

I am hearing...the hum of the computer, Hayes playing, and Becca singing along with her MP3 player (O, Happy Day!).  Almost makes up for the 'tude.

Around the doing school, dishwasher washing, toys on the floor. 

One of my favorite parents' beach house.  I'm so stinking excited to go!  Added bonus, I get to see a bloggy-turned-real-life friend while I'm there!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  park with friends, washing clothes, packing, travel, then beach, sun, lots of laughing and talking and reading and oh my word I'm so excited!!
A Picture to Share:

What's a Star Wars birthday party without light sabers?  And can you believe I was the sucker who bought them?  I blame it on a weak moment at Party City. 
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