Monday, August 31, 2009

My children, the sea captains

We're studying Christopher Columbus this week in history.  And air in science. 

So put these two together and what do you have?   


The Nina and the Santa Maria sailing from Spain to the New World.  Or you know, aluminum foil boats being blown from one side of the sink to the other.  We work with what we've got, people.



What happened to the Pinta, you ask?  Well the Pinta was a casualty of economic times.  Translation?  Aluminum foil does not grow on trees and mama is cheap frugal.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sleepless in You Know Where

So if you're my FB friend, this is probably a repeat for you.  And I'm pretty sure all 5 of you ARE my FB friends.  Sorry!

I got to tag along with Daniel last weekend for a business trip to Seattle.  I never realized Seattle was such a tourist destination!  It's a fun city!

AND.  All that traveling we lived through last year paid off in frequent flier miles because my ticket was FREE!  It doesn't get any better than THAT, amen?046

Driving in from the airport. 








Original St*rbucks, with her little topless self.





Pike Public Market was a happening place!  We even saw a wedding party having pictures taken there. 


We didn't get any pictures of fish flying through the air, but this is where it happens.


My very favorite place.  It smelled heavenly!



View of the city from the Space Needle


Getting read for the Ducks Tour


One of our driver's silly hats


Building used for exterior shots of the hospital in Grey's Anatomy. FYI, NOT a hospital.


Safeco Field (didn't get to go to a game)


Sleepless in Seattle house

(By the way, I could not find Jason's house to save my life!)


Seaplane (Seaplane, Faith!) landing right beside us in the lake.


Me and my sweetie on a ferry to Bainbridge Island


And I think that's enough, right?  I mean, my word, that's a lot of pictures and they're not even that interesting! 

So, in conclusion, our Seattle trip was tons of fun, refreshing, and it didn't even rain!  (We're thinking they made up all that rain nonsense so they won't get too many visitors.  Secret's out!!)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I smell freshly sharpened pencils

Well, it happened.  Summer has ended.  At least our summer break from school has ended.  And no one is more sad (sadder?)about that than me!

I'm a little stressed about using a new curriculum.  I felt like we (read, I) needed something more structured this year.  We're getting into some history/geography in 3rd grade and Mama needed some direction. 

Here's what we're using this year, if you're interested:

My Father's World (for Bible, history, some science)

Math U See

Spell to Write and Read

A Reason for Handwriting (starting cursive!)

Grammar workbook that I forget the name of (and yes, I know I ended that in a preposition.  Ironic, no?)

nJoy science class (every other week)

art class (weekly)

So.  That's our school plan.  Add to all that working on handwriting with Hayes and trying to figure out the educational value of Star Wars on Playstation, and you've got yourself a homeschool, people!

Prayers are welcomed.