Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Idol - Top 24 - Guys

The boys are singing tonight.  Hopefully we won't have to worry about any skintight leggings or crocheted sweaters.  You never know though.  I'm blogging from my parents' house so who knows how this will go.  I'm used to it just being me and Daniel in the room.  Maybe I'll include everybody's comments.   Participants include my parents, my brother Clay, his gf Natalie, and Becca.  Hang on. 

Todrick Hall - Since You've Been Gone  Ok seriously what is this arrangement?  I'm not even sure what I think about it.  It's distracting me from the vocals.  I think I'm Switzerland on this one.   Natalie says: "you just never know when you'll need a whistle."

Aaron Kelly - Here Comes Goodbye  Clay says: "Boo."  Natalie says: "That's just because he (Clay) doesn't like Rascal Flatts."  Mom says: "He's a cute kid."  I think it was pretty good.  Becca likes him and Dad just keeps making fun of Randy. 

Jermaine Sellers - Get Here  Not loving this.  Some rough parts.  Ok a lot of rough parts.  Nobody in the room liked it either. 

Tim Urban - Apologize I think this is good.  What a cutie.  Wow, Simon is harsh.  Ok I really didn't think this was as bad as the judges did.  Poor guy.  I think he needs a hug. 

Joe Munoz - You and I Both  Not loving his man scarf.  Natalie says: "He smiles a lot.  That was good."  I thought so too.  For me, for you dawg, good job. 

Tyler Grady - American Woman  Mom says: "Well, I hate that."  ha!  Natalie says: "Simon's going to kill him."  I didn't like it either.  I agree with Ellen, he doesn't have much stage presence.  She basically called him a poser.  To the mall!

Lee Dewyze - Chasing Cars  A little pitchy in places, but I like him.  Clay says: "I wanted to like him."  His voice reminds me of David Cook, so I hope he makes it through.  Simon agrees with me.  So there.

John Park - God Bless the Child  The room didn't like it at all.  Not crazy about the song anyway.  Sorry Shania, not good.

Michael Lynche - This Love  I like this song.  Is he even playing the guitar?  It bugs me when people touch the microphone with their lips.  Do they clean it off before the next person?  Can you even sterilize that?  Anyway, I liked it ok but it didn't blow me away.  Side note:  How long can his wife use the whole you-missed-our-daughter's-birth thing? I'm thinking that's got a lot of mileage on it. 

Alex Lambert - Wonderful World    He looks scared.  Ok, is it just nerves?  That wasn't good.  Uncomfortable is the right word, Simon.  Oh bless him.  I like his voice though. 

FYI, Becca and Dad went to bed and Natalie is asleep in the chair. 

Casey James - Heaven   Ok, isn't Kara married?  I liked the beginning without the band.  Nobody else has done that tonight.  It was good.  I think they are just making him uncomfortable now.  He's going to go far because of his looks alone, but he has a great voice too.  Ryan's joke about Kara's HR meeting cracked me up.

Andrew Garcia - Sugar We're Going Down   Anybody else getting a Danny Gokey vibe?  Seriously the best of the night for me.  Hands down.  I don't know this song, so maybe that's why.  The judges didn't like it but I think vocally it was the best tonight. 

Just realized that I didn't absolutely love any of these guys.  It was kinda rough I thought.  Maybe first night nerves.

My faves for tonight are Casey and Andrew.  And I think maybe Tyler and Jermaine are in trouble.  

Later peeps!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

American Idol - Top 24 - Girls

Well, it's American Idol time.  Time for cute little Kris Allen and his Ford driving self to give up the title of YOUR American Idol.

Has anyone really missed Paula?  I haven't.  I think Ellen was a great choice.  She definitely brings the funny.  And I'm finding I don't really miss the crazy. 

It's funny Kara's talking about America knowing this group already.  I don't think I even know any names yet. 

Paige Miles - "It's Alright Now" I'm not loving this.  I didn't like the beginning but it's getting better.  Gorgeous eyes.

I'm loving that car that can record your CD's. 


Ashley Rodriguez - "Happy"  There were some good moments and some not so good moments.  Nerves, maybe?  She's such a pretty girl. 

Janell Wheeler - "What About Love"  Not sure she has the voice for this song.  I really liked her song in Hollywood with the guitar, so I hope she stays.  And I so want to put an "e" on the end of her name.  It just looks like it needs an "e".  Not that she cares what I think.  But still.

Lilly Scott - "Fixing a Hole"  I've never heard this song and I had to rewind my DVR twice to figure out the title.  That said, even though I think the song is as weird as the title, she did a good job.  I like her, so original.  I also had to rewind to hear what Simon said at the beginning of his comments.  What?

Katelyn Epperly - "Oh Darlin'"  Girlfriend has some hair.  Wow, that was great!  I liked it.  I think Randy needs a blue watch.

Haeley Vaughn -"I Want To Hold Your Hand" Although shouldn't it be "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"?  Apparently she's a fan of the headband.  I like this arrangement, although she's a little screechy at times. 

Lacey Brown - "Landslide" (aka The Girl They Let Go To Keep Megan Joy Last Season)  Big mistake. Big. Huge. (Name that movie.)  I just didn't like her and she was not very good in concert.     She's kind of all over the place.  Yikes.  I'm not loving that. In trouble. 

Seriously if you're not watching Glee, I have a question for you.  WHY??

Michelle Delamor - "Falling"  With that song, it could have gone bad quickly.  But I thought it was great.  And hey, what's a corporate singer?  Anybody?

Didi Benami - "The Way I Am" Ok, now I do remember her and I liked her singing Terrified.  I remember laughing at Simon liking the song even though Kara wrote it.  Speaking of Megan Joy she kind of sounds like her.  I like Didi's voice WAY better.  Love her.  And a shout out to grandma for making the sweater.

These Old Spice commercials are cracking me up.  "Did you know that I am riding this horse backwards?"  

Siobhan Magnus - "Wicked Game"  She has a great voice.  I might like this better than the original.  Definitely quirky girl.  

Crystal Bowersox - "Hand in My Pocket"  She's kind of in a league of her own, huh?  I really like her.  Aaaand I'm tired of typing. 

Katie Stevens - "Feeling Good"  All I can think of is me at 17 and then I just laugh.  And say bless my heart.  Who has that much confidence at 17?  Whoa.  I agree she needs to BE 17.  

I think Lacey and maybe Janell-no-e are in trouble tonight.   Not sure I'll be blogging tomorrow night since I'll be at my mom's.  But I'm going ahead and calling Casey James as a fan fave.  And by fan I mean girls. :)

Jen. Out.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh bless

I looked in Hayes' room to check on him a few minutes ago.  I'd sent both kids to their rooms for some quiet time. 

Here's what I saw:


"I'm sitting in my toy box, Mom." 

You don't say.

Friday, February 12, 2010


So, what did you do today, Jennifer?

Well, I'm glad you asked.  I paid for a new water heater.  For our house.  You know, the one that's ON THE MARKET. 

I'm thinking we need to take the sign out of the yard and stay for a while to get some of our money's worth.  Take lots of hot showers and wash clothes and dishes all day.  But then the dishwasher will break down and we'll be right back where we started. 

And then!  And then I come to my senses and am thankful to have water to heat and the money to replace things that break. 

And although things don't always go like I plan or even like I want, I am reminded that I am blessed.  Blessed beyond measure and way beyond what I deserve. 

How has God blessed YOU today?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...snow!!  I love love love snow.  I have such fun memories of snow days from my childhood. (Right, Ashleigh?)  And it's carried over to adulthood.  I get even more excited than my kids I think.

I am thinking...about a statistic I heard on The View, that a woman's eggs are 90% gone by the age of 30.  Whoa.  

I am thankful for...warm clothes and a warm house.  It's never far from my mind that these things are blessings and not rights. 

From the learning room...Robert Fulton, overviews of Indiana and Mississippi, 6s multiplication tables, art, science class, and spelling words. 

I am wearing...jeans, NC State long sleeved T-shirt, and 2 pairs of socks.  And longjohns.  And I'm still cold.

I am watch the LOST premiere tomorrow.  Can't wait!!!

I am reading...On the Banks of Plum Creek (to the kids).

I am hoping...this is not the only snow we get this year. 

I am hearing...the kids playing upstairs with neighbor kids.  No school today for the public school kids.  No such luck for mine. :)

Around the house...clean kitchen, clean bathrooms, vacuumed floors.  Yay!

One of my favorite things...snuggling with the kids while we read history. 

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Target group, basketball practice, trip to The Homeschool Room and lunch with friends, and who knows what else!



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