Tuesday, February 17, 2009

American Idol - Top 36, Week 1

So after my difficulty with blogging lately I decided to just stick with what I know. And after homeschooling and chocolate chip cookies, that would be TV.

Because who really wants to read a post about homeschooling or cookies? I mean, maybe read a post about homeschooling while eating cookies. Sure, yeah. But that might be hard to organize, so I'll just go with TV, 'k?

And it's Tuesday so you know what that means.

THIS is A-MER-ican Idol!

(Who else thinks Cara (Kara?) looks like Katherine McPhee?)

Well, Paula is starting the evening off with her well-thought-out comments as usual. Apparently if you are the best this year you will be going home. Now that's a different way to go.

Tonight's theme: Hits from the Billboard Top 100 Since the Charts Began (aka the longest theme title EVER)

Jackie Tohn: "A Little Less Conversation" Oh bless her, she's rockin' the tight spandex and what looks to be old school Air Jordans. With a strapless polka dot top. Not crazy about that performance or song.

Ricky Braddy: (from NC! Seriously don't remember him!) "song by Leon Russell, no idea what the title is" Loving the velour jacket. I'm pretty sure I haven't seen him before but he was GOOD. I LIKE him. He's representin' well. Thanks to Paula for clearing that up---I'm not crazy---he wasn't featured in earlier shows.

At this point, Daniel walked in and wanted me to rewind and maybe add his own color commentary to the blog. And I said, "Honey if you want to do color commentary, get your own blog Sure, Honey!" So I'm watching Jackie again and it is not pretty the second time either. Just FYI.

(Is Randy wearing a scarf?)

Alexis Grace: "Never Loved a Man" Girl's got some pipes. Maybe next time she'll wear a skimpier dress or something. And some red lipstick. All that aside, I like her voice and her cute little hair cut. Even the pink.

(Hey, Doogie Howser!)

So far, nothing from Daniel except sarcastic comments. If you know Daniel this doesn't surprise you AT ALL.)

Brent "Dimples" Keith: "Hicktown" Good performance, dude's got stage experience. Like it a lot. Cara says take more risks. Good advice. Careful talking back to the judges there, Brent.

Stevie Wright: "You Belong With Me" (she has your earrings, Faith!) The beginning is rough. And the middle. Ooo and the end. Not good. Really not good. Peanut gallery Daniel says Simon was too brutal. She's just 17.

Anoop "Dog" Desai: "Angel of Mine" (From NC, too! Chapel Hill.) Other half says I just don't think I can pull for a Tarhole. Although I do like that a Tarhole is being called Anoop Dogg. He's a State grad. I LIKED it. I'm just surprised when that voice comes out of that body. Tarheel or not, I like him.

Hey guess what. I'm totally eating chocolate chip cookies. AND MILK!

Casey Carlson: "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" What up with the faces? Not good. Oh honey. I can't watch. She's got good hair though. And a sweet mama.

Michael "Roughneck" Sarver: "I Don't Wanna Be" A little rockin' arrangement of it. I like the One Tree Hill theme song. Not sure about this version. I like him though. Not sure this was a good pick for him. Watch the judges totally disagree with me.....nope. However, I think he's probably safe. D commented on the microphone thing before Paula.

Ann Marie Boskovich: "Natural Woman" That was ok I guess. Not crazy about it. Ted Danson gave her a standing ovation. Simon compared her to a hotel singer. And then bashed the studio audience. Nice.

Stephen "Forget the Words and Walk off the Stage" Fowler: "Rock With You" Hubs says they're gonna say you can't touch Michael Jackson songs. I say it depends how well he sings it. Not all that great I'm afraid. There you go, Hubs, Paula said it. He's there by himself? Oh that's cold, man.

Please don't let Tatiana talk. Please don't let Tatiana talk. Please don't let Tatiana talk.

Are they seriously only taking 3 from this group? I already like way more than 3! Oh no!

Tatiana Del Toro: "Saving All My Love" Can't touch Whitney! Somebody has GOT to take that nasty florescent pink lipstick away from her. I've been telling her from the beginning and she isn't listening to me. Not great. I didn't like it. Weird. Where's the Tatiana we know and um, know? Who gave her the Prozac? THERE'S the laugh. And there's the talking.

Danny "The Widower Whose Friend Totally Should Have Made It Too" Gorkey: "Hero" I seriously love him. LOVE HIM. AND he's a church music leader. Let's just make him the winner now, ok? He did good. Master of the understatement. I actually clapped. Oh, Simon. Come on. Drink the Kool-aid.

Well, that's it. I'm off to vote for Danny once or 24 times.

My picks: Danny, Anoop, and Alexis.

Jennifer. OUT.


Melissa said...

Ok so I am pretty sure that God does not give one iota about American Idol, but I missed it tonight so I am hoping that He allowed you the time to sit (with your chocolate chip cookies and milk)and type that entire recap just for ME!!!!!!! SEE your blogging has MUCH purpose my friend!! MUCH!! AND I felt like I was there with you and Daniel... well, sort of. THANK YOU SO MUCH DAHLIN'!!

Kendra Haneline said...

Oh i'm so lovin your post... I hope you continue these every night AI is on. (Hint....) I missed the first hour, grocery shopping, but picked up enough from it that I could see who was good & who wasn't. I thought the exact same thing about Tatiana. She's a strange human being. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Danny. I voted like 7 times until I got a busy signal. I might go vote again in a little while. I declare him the winner... however, I declared Chris Daughtry the winner & he was ousted way before he was due. Oh, & I totally thought the same thing about Cara, Kara, however you spell it. I thought it was actually her when the show first startd coming on. Until tomorrow night.

Faith said...

Oh, your AI recaps bring much joy to my heart. So glad you are back in the game, girlfriend.

There were some major lipstick issues tonight (Alexis and Tatiana) and I have no idea what some of those girls had on their bodies (Jackie...ewww!) I think that Stevie has great taste in earrings, but that might be about it ;-)

My vote is for Danny, of course!

Ashleigh said...

Okay Jen, I haven't seen it yet...but read and thoroughly enjoyed your recap!! (Daniel's part too) And I am already inviting you two to come back to my house before the season is over and sit and watch it here with us again!!! ;o) Adam and Daniel make a good team on the comments.
GREAT recap! I needed that today. (funeral was today)

Traci said...

You are cracking me up! I'd rather listen to you (and D) than the judges. Some of those Heel comments hurt deep though. Got nothin' but love for ya! :) Please make this a weekly thing! Too funny!

MiMi said...

I love your AI recap! I agree with you --I liked more than 3 in this group, as well. I'm not sure that I like this method of getting down to the final 12 ?!?!?

My pick at this point is Danny, but I've got some other's I'm keeping my eye on in the other groups, too.

Glad you're back!