Sunday, August 16, 2009

I smell freshly sharpened pencils

Well, it happened.  Summer has ended.  At least our summer break from school has ended.  And no one is more sad (sadder?)about that than me!

I'm a little stressed about using a new curriculum.  I felt like we (read, I) needed something more structured this year.  We're getting into some history/geography in 3rd grade and Mama needed some direction. 

Here's what we're using this year, if you're interested:

My Father's World (for Bible, history, some science)

Math U See

Spell to Write and Read

A Reason for Handwriting (starting cursive!)

Grammar workbook that I forget the name of (and yes, I know I ended that in a preposition.  Ironic, no?)

nJoy science class (every other week)

art class (weekly)

So.  That's our school plan.  Add to all that working on handwriting with Hayes and trying to figure out the educational value of Star Wars on Playstation, and you've got yourself a homeschool, people!

Prayers are welcomed.


Ashleigh said...

Youre such a good mom! I am impressed. Let me know how you like the new curriculum. I feel like your path is probably in my future!! And I think Playstation is very educational...Wii too. But, no we don't have any games that is why I can't homeschool yet! ;o)

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

yay for the first day of school!! :) prayers are with you my friend but you are one amazing homeschool momma!! :)

Faith said...

Prayers coming your way! So glad you are getting into the swing of things and I hope you love the new curriculum!

Summer said...

We started up the first of the month, so we are starting week 3 now. Did you put Hayes into the circle time at North??