Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Idol - Top 24 - Guys

The boys are singing tonight.  Hopefully we won't have to worry about any skintight leggings or crocheted sweaters.  You never know though.  I'm blogging from my parents' house so who knows how this will go.  I'm used to it just being me and Daniel in the room.  Maybe I'll include everybody's comments.   Participants include my parents, my brother Clay, his gf Natalie, and Becca.  Hang on. 

Todrick Hall - Since You've Been Gone  Ok seriously what is this arrangement?  I'm not even sure what I think about it.  It's distracting me from the vocals.  I think I'm Switzerland on this one.   Natalie says: "you just never know when you'll need a whistle."

Aaron Kelly - Here Comes Goodbye  Clay says: "Boo."  Natalie says: "That's just because he (Clay) doesn't like Rascal Flatts."  Mom says: "He's a cute kid."  I think it was pretty good.  Becca likes him and Dad just keeps making fun of Randy. 

Jermaine Sellers - Get Here  Not loving this.  Some rough parts.  Ok a lot of rough parts.  Nobody in the room liked it either. 

Tim Urban - Apologize I think this is good.  What a cutie.  Wow, Simon is harsh.  Ok I really didn't think this was as bad as the judges did.  Poor guy.  I think he needs a hug. 

Joe Munoz - You and I Both  Not loving his man scarf.  Natalie says: "He smiles a lot.  That was good."  I thought so too.  For me, for you dawg, good job. 

Tyler Grady - American Woman  Mom says: "Well, I hate that."  ha!  Natalie says: "Simon's going to kill him."  I didn't like it either.  I agree with Ellen, he doesn't have much stage presence.  She basically called him a poser.  To the mall!

Lee Dewyze - Chasing Cars  A little pitchy in places, but I like him.  Clay says: "I wanted to like him."  His voice reminds me of David Cook, so I hope he makes it through.  Simon agrees with me.  So there.

John Park - God Bless the Child  The room didn't like it at all.  Not crazy about the song anyway.  Sorry Shania, not good.

Michael Lynche - This Love  I like this song.  Is he even playing the guitar?  It bugs me when people touch the microphone with their lips.  Do they clean it off before the next person?  Can you even sterilize that?  Anyway, I liked it ok but it didn't blow me away.  Side note:  How long can his wife use the whole you-missed-our-daughter's-birth thing? I'm thinking that's got a lot of mileage on it. 

Alex Lambert - Wonderful World    He looks scared.  Ok, is it just nerves?  That wasn't good.  Uncomfortable is the right word, Simon.  Oh bless him.  I like his voice though. 

FYI, Becca and Dad went to bed and Natalie is asleep in the chair. 

Casey James - Heaven   Ok, isn't Kara married?  I liked the beginning without the band.  Nobody else has done that tonight.  It was good.  I think they are just making him uncomfortable now.  He's going to go far because of his looks alone, but he has a great voice too.  Ryan's joke about Kara's HR meeting cracked me up.

Andrew Garcia - Sugar We're Going Down   Anybody else getting a Danny Gokey vibe?  Seriously the best of the night for me.  Hands down.  I don't know this song, so maybe that's why.  The judges didn't like it but I think vocally it was the best tonight. 

Just realized that I didn't absolutely love any of these guys.  It was kinda rough I thought.  Maybe first night nerves.

My faves for tonight are Casey and Andrew.  And I think maybe Tyler and Jermaine are in trouble.  

Later peeps!


Heather said...

Andrew was definitely my fav!!! I like Lee, too. The guys overall were HORRIBLE!!! I don't think they can keep saying "We say it every year, but the talent this year is the best we've ever had." Hm....not so much on this year!!

Jenna said...

haha thanks for reminding me about the 'to the mall' comment! that was pretty funny! And I totally agree that the judges were way to harsh on Tim. Great Recap!