Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Good Day

Yesterday our family went with friends to the NC State/Duke game.  Oh did I mention we were the only State fans in our little group?  Not only were they all Duke fans, they were all Duke grads!  (Well, except for Katie who went to UK but married a Duke grad.  But she ended up going back home with her little one who got sick in the car half way there.  Must have been her new Duke shirt making her sick, right KT?)

Anyway, except for that, it was lots of fun---especially since State won!  woo hoo!  Here we are all decked out in our State gear. 




Isn't this campus beautiful?





Becca and Peter spent a lot of the game here.  She said they high-fived the Duke band and cheerleaders as they walked by.  She seemed very excited about that.



                     Hayes spent a lot of time playing cars...


                                  and hanging on me and Daniel.



                                                      Happy Hubby



Mulchy Mama said...

What a great day to go to a ballgame! The weather was perfect!

Hmmmm, I don't know who's the lesser of the two evils - Duke or State......'cause you know how I roll!

MiMi said...

What a beautiful day for a ballgame! It looks like ya'll had a great time.

I love that picture of Hayes "hanging" on you! Precious!

Melissa said...

How fun! I am glad you guys had a good time and the pic of you and Hayes is so sweet! You and Daniel are looking cute too, but don't tell him I think that! :)
See you soon! Love you!

Faith said...

So glad y'all had fun! I love the pic of you and cute!

We had fun watching your new baby too =)

Rebecca Jo said...

Looks like everyone was enjoying their day!