Thursday, June 25, 2009

A little quiz

I REALLY need some help on the blog front. I saw this on Nicki's Facebook page, so I thought I'd play along. I know. The excitement is palpable.

1. What bill do you hate paying the most?
Doctor/hospital/radiology bills from Daniel's ER visit last month. I mean, what in the world do we have insurance for??

2. Do you miss being a child?
Not really

3. Chore you hate the most?
Emptying the dishwasher. It makes me love Daniel even more when he does it for me.

4. Where was the last place you had a romantic dinner?

I think the fact that I can't remember means it's time for a date night.

5. If you could go back and change one thing what would it be?
Some stupid choices about boys to date in college.

6. Name of your first grade teacher?
Mrs. Tucker

7.What do you really want to be doing right now?
Talking to my husband.

8. What did you want to be when you grew up?
A teacher and a mommy (And now I'm both!)

9. How many colleges did you attend?
Just one. Western Carolina University---Go Cats!

10.Why did you choose the shirt that you have on right now?
It's comfy and it was sitting on my chair in my room.

11. What are your thoughts on gas prices?
I hope they don't go as high as last year.

12. First thought when the alarm went off this morning?
No alarm this morning. Yay!

13. Last thought before going to sleep last night?
Only 4 more days....

14. What famous person would you like to have dinner with?
Not sure. Maybe Beth Moore.

15. Have you ever crashed your vehicle?
Unfortunately yes.

16. If you didn't have to work, would you volunteer?
I don't have to work right now (well except with the kids and in our house and yes that IS work), and don't volunteer but am getting ready to start.

17. Get up early or sleep in?
Both but mostly sleep in. So glad my kids can get their own breakfast!

18. What is your favorite cartoon character?
Probably Jerry from Tom and Jerry. He always makes me laugh.

19. Favorite thing to do at night with your guy or girl?
That's really none of your business....

20. When did you first start feeling old?
When I realized my grays wouldn't color anymore.

21. Favorite lunch meat?

22. What do you get every time you go into Wal-Mart?
Not EVERY time, but a Dr. Pepper

23. Do you think marriage is an outdated ritual?

24. Favorite movie you wouldn't want anyone to find out about?
Can't Buy Me Love (and now you know)

25. What's your favorite drink?
Dr. Pepper or sweet tea with fresh lemon

26. Who from high school would you like to run in to?
Ashleigh (it's been too long this time!)

27. What radio station is your car radio tuned to right now?

28. Sopranos or Desperate Housewives?

29. Worst relationship mistake that you wish you could take back?

See #5
30. Do you like the person that sits directly across from you at work?
Love them both

31. Have you ever had to use a fire extinguisher for its intended purposes?

32. Last book you finished reading?
Between Sundays by Karen Kingsbury

33. Do you have a teddy bear?

34. Strangest place you have ever brushed your teeth?
In Cuba and Brazil with bottled water. Or on an airplane.

35. Do you go to church?

36. How old are you?


Faith said...

#19 is cracking me up!

Thanks for letting me hang was fun!!

Only 3 more days...

Ashleigh said...

I cracked up at #20! Yes, Jen it has been too long!!!! I miss my friend. And now I know she misses me too!! ;o) Love you girl.