Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A summer in pictures. And a video.

Oh the fun that we've had this summer. We had a family trip to Hilton Head, a family trip to Myrtle Beach, Carowinds, pool, cook-outs with friends, fireworks, and lots and lots of playing. Nothing overly exciting and I forgot my camera on more than one occasion. Nice. But here are a few highlights.


Our first beach trip over Mother's Day weekend.

(Nice present, no?)


My cute little beach bum


Ok, first, I was excited to turn around in my chair and see this going on behind me. Second, how old are these people? Don't they look like they should be going to prom??


And yes, the groom totally has on sneakers and the bride and all her attendants have on white flip flops.


A little family photo shoot at Harbor Town


Taken by Becca


Imagine my joy when I saw these chairs set up on the 18th green, across the marina.


Apparently we had just missed our second wedding of the day!


Well, I think this speaks for itself.


End of the year party for softball for our little athlete


Second beach trip to my parents' beach house. When we weren't on the beach or at the pool, this is what we were doing. My kids call it the Bob and Larry game. Not sure it's real name. Also there was way too much Uno.


On the other hand, there could NEVER be too much of this little guy, 6 month old cousin Ty.


It's a bird, it's a plane....


I could never get them to look at the same time.


4th of July festivities (photo courtesy of my friend Melissa since I didn't take my camera. Thanks!)


My husband spent 10 days in the Amazon area of Brazil. This is a baptism service that they attended.


Sunset on the river (forgive me, I forget the name but I know it's not the Amazon.)


Dad's fan club at the airport (And yes I do own more than just this green dress, ha!)


We went to Carowinds last week when the kids were at the grandparents. Daniel took this with his phone so it's hard to tell, but we are actually lying down! The whole roller coaster ride you are lying down! I totally freaked out the first time I rode. This is just after the second ride.

It's been a great summer so far. We are gearing up for another mission trip to Brazil in September. Daniel is leading this trip to the same area we have been to 3 times previously. You can read about those trips HERE. Fundraising is in full swing. Click on the links if you're interested in a soccer tournament or some good old barbeque.

Oh! I almost forgot I said something about a video!


Deidre said...

Looks like so much fun - just as summer should be.

OH, and love the green dress :)

Faith said...

You guys have had a great summer. Love all the pics and that video is so cute!!!