Wednesday, March 3, 2010

American Idol - Top 20

Couldn't watch the guys last night so I decided not to blog.  I watched this afternoon, so here are a few thoughts. 

Loved Michael and Casey (Hayes asked "Is that a boy or a girl?").

Liked Alex, Aaron, Lee, and Kara's dress.

Did NOT like Jermaine calling God his "Homeboy." 

And seriously with Alex and his made-up language? And the TMI about throwing up.  Oh bless.

Jermaine's onesie?  No. Words.


Let's just get right to the girls.

Crystal - Long As I Can See The Light - So you'd never know she was sick yesterday.  Somebody sign her NOW.  If I didn't have this laptop on my lap, I'd stand up and clap.  BRAVO.  (Is 'misunderestimate' a word, Simon?  My spell check says No.)

Haeley - The Climb - Good call on a younger song (haha I typed younger smile the first time).  My husband is going off on her short skirt and her mom for letting her wear it.  I tend to agree.  I think the song was kind of rough.  Not good.  Maybe she has a career in making hair accessories?

Lacey - Kiss Me - Way better than last week.  She's working out her nerves.  I like her voice a lot.  Loved. It.

Side note:  The judges (Randy, I'm looking at you.) are driving me crazy with their comments.  Change up the song too much, they get slammed.  Don't change it up enough, they get slammed.  I don't have a solution to that or anything.  It just gets on my nerves.

Katie - Put Your Records On - I think this was a great song choice.  I liked it immensely.  Boo for the judges.

Didi - Lean On Me - Am I the only one who rolled her eyes at this song?  Next week, Friends are Friends Forever.  Song choice aside, I LOVE her voice. 

Dang, Kara is harsh tonight.  She needs to quit sitting beside Simon.  I definitely do not think she was screeching.  Is the sound so different in the studio?

Michelle - With Arms Wide Open - Um, Madonna circa 1984 called and she wants her outfit back.  Not crazy about this.  I liked the song and the way it was arranged but not so much the vocals.  There were some good parts, but mostly I didn't like it as much as others tonight.

Lilly - A Change is Gonna Come - I agree with Ellen, she has IT.  Whatever IT is, Lilly has it.  Awesome, awesome.

Katelyn - The Scientist - A little boring to me, but her vocals are great tonight.  And I love somebody who can play the piano, so points for that.  I liked it mucho much.

Paige - Walk Away - I did not know that Kara wrote that song.  I liked it.  Good performance and she looked like she was having fun.  Hey, Ellen said the same thing!  Randy is so grouchy tonight.  This song has too many words.  The last song was so slow.  I know they are judges and are supposed to critique but he's such a Negative Nelly. 

Siobhan - Think - I keep forgetting how to say her name.  She really is an interesting person, isn't she?  Of COURSE she had a mohawk!  She's screaming a little, but overall I like it.  Ellen's Snuggie comment had me laughing out loud. 

To sum it up: The girls KILLED it.  They redeemed themselves this week. 

Crystal and Siobhan were my favorites.  I think Haeley and Michelle are in trouble.   

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Heather said...

I am embarrassed to tell you how loudly and forcefully I screamed "OH NO HE DIDN-T" (With my best sassy accent/tone) when Jermaine started saying "Oh....I'll be fine..I KNOW GOD." I is my pet peeve when people make Christians look foolish or crazy or both. GRRRRRR....He needs to go HOME this week.
I also said the SAME THING about the Judges....some people they want to change the song, some they don't. Some they want to do different things every week, some they want consistency so they can know "What kind of artist they will be.." It is frustrating.
The girls were awesome....Sioban nailed that Aretha song...and that is hard to do. Can't wait for results!!
As always--love your Idol blogs! Have a great day!