Friday, September 16, 2011

Baby update

Jillian is 4 months old!  Who can believe that?  I thought I’d do a little update, partly for people who have been giving me a hard time about not blogging and partly for our memories, which are slowly fading with age. ha!


At her 4 mo. doctor’s appointment on the Sept 2, Jillian was 12 lbs. 13 oz. She is 4 times the size she was at birth!  She’s doing really well as far as development goes.  A little behind, but considering she was 7 weeks early, she’s moving right along.  The doctor took her off the high calorie formula, which is great as it was messing with her tummy. 


Here are a few semi-recent pictures of the little sweetie. 


end of May (4 wks. old)


July (10 wks. old)


Today (4 mos. old)


I would do just about anything to see this smile.



The girls


I picked up crocheting again (Just call me Memaw)


Date night w/ Daniel & Jillian at Sweet Frog (fro yo)


This is how she will look tomorrow at her first State game


Tummy time


Faith took family pics for us. One of my favorites.


We are pretty much settled in and in a routine with 3 kids now.  Personally, I am enjoying this stage tremendously more with Jillian than with the other two.  I think it’s mostly because I haven’t had to deal with the hormones and recovery of childbirth & 9 mos. of pregnancy.  This is the way to do it! Winking smile  We are blessed beyond measure to have Jillian in our family.  She has an ahh-mazing testimony already and I’m excited to see what else He will do in her life.


Mandy Goldbach said...

i love it! great update and even better pictures! love the one of the three kiddos... and i would imagine being that Jillian is number 3, and all the hormones/recovery etc.. isn't there, it would be so much more relaxed! so happy she is growing and looks like such a little sweetheart!!

Melissa said...

She is so pretty Jen and I am so happy for you guys! Praise the Lord she is doing so well and I know she will catch up! :) Miss you guys and love you!

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