Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Jillian!!

This girl



is 1 year old today!!



One year ago today, we didn’t even know she existed.  Now we can’t imagine life without her.  She’s crawling around like a crazy girl and is into everything.  Not quite ready to walk, but she’s pulling up on furniture and cruising around.  She’s a little shy around strangers or groups of people and is pretty serious and solemn.  But when she smiles, she lights up the room and you’d do anything to get her to do it again.

It’s safe to say the whole family is in love with Jillian.  I think we have some friends who are too.



*While our adoption is final, we have not gotten her birth certificate yet. We need that ASAP to get her passport for our trip to Brazil this summer.  (The whole family is going for the month of July.)  After that we have to get visas as well.  We’d appreciate prayers for paperwork to come through as quickly as possible.  God has given me tremendous peace about this and I know He is in control.

Planning to blog during our trip as well!  Prayers for motivation for that too! ha!


Melissa said...

That is awesome and I am so happy for you still! God is more than amazing, isn't He? Love you all! Happy birthday sweet girl! :)

Faith said...

Love, love, love this miracle baby!! So thankful for her life. Still praying for God to move in miraculous ways with her birth certificate.