Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Travel & First Days

Leaving Charlotte

After a long 20 hours of travel, we arrived in Recife on Saturday afternoon. Travel with a 1 year old isn't fun, but we survived.  Hayes slept the best out of all of us on the overnight flight.  Our family spent the night at Pastor Carlos's house and Harper stayed with friends.  Sunday morning we picked up Harper and began our long day of travel to the Outback where we will be staying for the rest of the month. 

Waiting to check bags after customs in Rio

We had a caravan of 3 cars to fit all of our luggage and people.  Monica Pupo's (friend from Charlotte) dad and his wife drove, as well as Pastor Carlos and another church friend.  It was a long drive just to bring us here and we were so grateful.  Right now we're surviving without a translator.  Google and our Portuguese/English dictionary are our best friends. :)  Actually Harper's and Daniel's Portuguese is pretty good and mine's getting better.

The older kids in town are out of school for these first two weeks, so they are here almost all day.  We're kind of the new hangout. Everyone is up early due to Jillian and the roosters. These first few days have been about settling in, getting the water hooked up (didn't have it the first night), and reuniting with old friends. 

Dinalda, Livaldo (Monica's dad), Nadeje, Me, Daniel
The weather is beautiful, probably 70s and 80s.  Lots cooler than Charlotte these days. We've even needed jackets in the evenings.  Of course the Brazilians think this is cold and I guess compared to other times of the year, it is to them.   

Bad news, I forgot my cord for my camera and the memory stick doesn't fit in Daniel's new computer.  So unless we figure something else out, pictures will be from my camera.  :(

Becca and I went to a larger city (Afagados da Ingazeria) this morning with Pastor Carlos and his wife Dinalda to buy more groceries for the month.  Becca was grossed out at the meat market, seeing meat hanging on hooks out in the open.  She's experiencing a lot for an 11 year old and she's doing so great.  She started making friends within the first hour we were here and now she's off playing at another house. Hayes took a little while to warm up to all the kids staring at him and not being able to communicate, but he's doing well now.  The first night was tough for him.

That's all for now.  Keep praying for us and the people of Pelo Sinal.  

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Melissa said...

So glad you guys got there and are getting settled. You know that all of you will have such new things to experience and won't want to come home!! Praying for health and opportunities to share each day! Love to all of you!