Thursday, July 12, 2012

Week 2 in Brazil

Since we last posted most days have been about the same.  Wake up early (Jillian & roosters). Play soccer, Uno, marbles, hop scotch, Go Fish, color, make friendship bracelets.  Eat lunch. Rest. Repeat the playing. Eat supper. Continue playing/talking with kids & adults in town. Skype w/ friends or family. Go to bed. Every day.

On Monday we got translators!! Our friend Elisabete and her daughters Isabel & Evelyn from Recife came for 2 weeks.  They are wonderful.  The girls get along really well with Hayes & Becca and it's nice for them to be able to speak English with some kids. Elisabete's husband, Armando, has translated for us other years and he's coming next week. 

Today, we got to get out of town for a while.  We went to a small village about 30 min. from here called Sao Joao (there's supposed to be an accent somewhere on there but I don't know how to do it). We spoke to kids from preschool to 4th grade in the morning and older kids in the afternoon.

Becca gave her testimony to the younger kids and Harper spoke to the older ones.  I was so proud of Becca.  Daniel just asked her 2 days ago if she would do it.  I really thought she would say no, but she thought about it a while & agreed.

And without really knowing it, she touched on the subject of our puppet show. Loving others who are different than you.

We also went on a little adventure.  They wanted to show us a natural spring that was "near" the school.  This is how we got there.

And yes, that would be 2 oxen pulling us.  I actually walked most of the way there and all the way back.  Daniel carried Jillian on the way back. 

He sat like this for about 15-20 min. after we got back so she could stay asleep. It's tiring being carried around.

Harper is explaining the colors of beads while we made salvation bracelets with the younger kids.

Daniel talking to the older kids.

Getting out of the house and doing something different was good for all of us.  We're looking forward to VBS next week.

And now, just because I can:
Jillian and her new friend Pedro

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Melissa said...

I think that most people on long term missions feel the way that you do at times... kind of frustrating when you have that language barrier and can't get out much. You are doing SOOO good though! Just the people seeing you there brings curiosity and that will open doors! Praying for health and opportunities to share! YAY BECCA!! We are so proud of you!!! I think you are so brave. We love you all! God's doing a great thing!!