Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And she wants a Hello Kitty birthday cake, please.

It's Julie's birthday!!!

My friend Julie and her family live in Okinawa, Japan. And while it hurts my heart to think of how far away that is, I know it's not forever. (Right, Julie?)

Anyway it's her birthday today. Well, in the US it is anyway. Right now as I type it is tomorrow in Japan where she is, so it's not her birthday anymore. This time difference thing is killing me. They are 11 hours ahead of us (or is it 12?). I can't keep up. I just know I have to call either late at night or early in the morning.

Julie is a fun girl and I really love her to death, so I will not be posting her age. ha! She has a great contagious laugh and it has been way too long since I've heard it. She has 3 fantastic kids and an ok husband (just kidding!) He slipped a few notches when he took them half way across the world.

I totally think Julie should start a blog. Think of the cool stuff she could write about! The food alone would give her loads of blog material! Come on Jules! (Apply some peer pressure, peeps!)

Love you, friend!!


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Happy Birthday Julie!! And I agree with jen, you need a blog!!

Faith said...

Oh my word, the Hello Kitty birthday cake thing is crackin' me up! Ha!

Miss you so much Julie!! Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

and p.s.....start a blog!

Anonymous said...

My word I am dying over here. Faith told me to read the title of this blog, so I decided to oblige. It reminds me of the Office episode where Angela tells that Japanese girl that "she doesn't come to her house and still her Hello Kitty backpack". I hope I didn't just offend Julie's neighbors. I needed a good laugh though.


Melissa said...

Girlfriend types too slow to start a blog! hee hee! I miss her too!! I mean, you too... do you read these things?? If you do then you totally need to start a blog! Hey,
you are still older than me. I love you!