Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Fun

Blogging and I have been on the outs this last year as I'm sure you've noticed.  I haven't really taken the time to analyze what's up with that except to say this year has been a year of change for us and sometimes I just didn't want to/know how to share all of that. 

We've had a great year, don't get me wrong.  But a lot of change.  Some of it has been indescribably beautiful.  Some has caused pain.  But it has all been a Holy Spirit-led ride that we don't want to get off!

So.  All that to say I haven't been blogging.  (duh)  But Christmas with family, friends, snow, and sickness has given me some blog material!  Here goes.

We traveled to both sets of parents's again this year.  Makes for lots of packing and unpacking and figuring out sleeping arrangements but I really wouldn't have it any other way.


Asheville still had a ton of snow and we were all excited to get to play! 

                        Christmas '09 001

                        Christmas '09 009

My silly husband in Becca's Snuggie

                       Christmas '09 013 


This is the only pic I got of our nephew R (with sis-in-law L).  He's seriously the happiest baby. 


Granddaddy reading to the kids (Hayes and Cousin N)


We went to my parents' house Christmas Eve night because we were nervous about an ice storm coming that night messing up travel plans for the next morning. 

Christmas morning




It was a Star Wars themed Christmas for Hayes.


He woke up feeling bad that morning and this was him by mid-afternoon.  He wouldn't look at me for the picture.


Perked up a little to open more presents. See the theme?


Playing in the new tent.  See the rosy cheeks?


Nephew T in his new chair.  I forgot how difficult it is to get a 1 yr old to look at the camera.


See?  Even the dogs were looking!


Annual get-together with my best friends from childhood.  THIS photo shoot was an ordeal.  All 3 husbands were taking pics and Ashleigh has this problem with closing her eyes when you take a picture.  AND we were late for a family party so we were in a hurry.  You should see the outtakes.


Ok, I'll show you some.



Finally Daniel was just snapping pics.


All the kids, minus sick Hayes.  This was hurry-up-and-take-it-before-the-baby-runs-away.


Sorry for the never-ending post with all the pics but what do you expect from somebody who blogs every other month?  Who knows when I'll be back?


Happy New Year!!!


Heather said...

Love the pics...Connor and Hayes would be good buddies with their Star Wars stuff! Happy New Year!

Deidre said...

I LOVE all the pictures! Wow, you did have a lot of snow left. Fun!

I hope you and blogging have made up and are friends again. I miss reading your posts :)

Traci said...

i'm living the star wars phase of life with madeline. girlfriend can't get enough!

Faith said...

Love all the pics! The snow looks like so much fun and D in the snuggie is hilarious! So glad y'all had a great Christmas with all of your sweet family, and so glad everyone is back in town now =)

prashant said...

so fun to be able to do even the simple things like go to the library with them!

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