Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's Tricky to Rock Around (Edited to : "It's Tricky to Rock A Rhyme" would actually be the words. Duh)

Ok who are the Clark Brothers and why are they singing "This Little Light of Mine"? That arrangement is a little wild and kinda cool! Not exactly VBS material. I'm just sayin'.

David Cook with the high blood pressure! Now I'm gonna worry about him. Is he on meds?

Ramiele looks about 3 feet tall next to Ryan and I'm pretty sure Ryan isn't that tall.

Kristy is killing me with the note. That was just dumb. Shocker, she's in the bottom 3 with Ramiele.

Syesha's safe?!? Oh, no! Brooke's in the bottom 3!! I knew I should have voted. Oh, Ramiele looks so funny between them!! How tall IS she?

And yes Randy the show IS about fashion! At least for some people. Ahem.

(so I googled the Clark Brothers. No, I didn't watch The Next Great American Band so that's why I don't know who they are. Their dad is a traveling evangelist though. Cool.)

Oh my. Simon is going to sprain an eye. Dolly is singing about Jesus and the Clark Bros sang about their little light. Let's have some church!! She totally just said "Hallelujah, Simon, how are ya!" LOVE HER!

Yay Brooke's safe! Rami's not. Not really a surprise, but kinda sad.

Next week---Idol Gives Back!!!


Faith said...

I remember seeing the brothers on that band show. That is pretty cool that they were on AI singing about their little light!
Ramiele is so tiny I could put her in my pocket!
I had a feeling about Brooke...I told Chad at dinner that I could see her in the bottom three. Thank goodness she's safe!
Don't know how Kristy keeps hanging on, but she is riding this as long as she can somehow.
I love that Dolly said "Hallelujah, Simon"! Hilarious! I'm surprised he didn't say anything about her wardrobe choice for the evening! Not quite sure what that was all about.
Looking forward to next week!

Melissa said...

Ramiele was under their arm pits! That was hilarous! I sort of felt sorry for her but am glad she went. I was wondering about Dolly's outfit myeself! What in the world!? And she acted like she didn't know what to do with her hands since she wasn't holding a mic. The Clark Brothers were a little different, but they are Christians and they did a little thing about them on the band show that was pretty encouraging! They stand up for what they believe. Pretty cool! Brooke is precious, but I thought she made Ramiele more emotional by crying so much.I think she is a Christian too. Love that!! :)

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

I was so upset that I missed Dolly's song!! Everyone's been talking about it today!! I'd better find it on youtube so I can see it!! =)