Thursday, April 3, 2008

NKOTB and Fond Memories

They are coming back! Oh yes ma'am, they are. The New Kids on the Block are reuniting! Except that now they are Old Guys in the Neighborhood cause they are pushing 40! But if you remember them from middle school, then you are too! ha!

Oh my, the memories. The first thing that always pops into my head when I hear something about them is my late friend Christy. She was a die-hard fan back in the day. And there's no die-hard fan for a boy band like a 14 yr old girl. I remember that she won a contest at one of their concerts for being the biggest fan. I can't remember what all she did but I know she wore some kind of hat with their names on it. She won a backstage pass and some other stuff. She was crazy about those boys and I'm sure she acted the fool when she met them. That makes me smile.
Cause I am SURE that she would have been the first one in line for a reunion concert.

So were you a fan of the NKOTB? Got any good memories? Wanna go to the concert and re-live our teenage years? (or toddler years, Faith?) ha!
**Edited to add: Don't know what is going on the with spacing here. It looks squished together and it won't let me put a space after the second paragraph. Sorry it's hard to read!


Faith said...

Chadwick's very first concert ever was NKOTB (with Tiffany, by the way) at Carowinds! Oh the memories!
I don't have too many, but I do remember Joey McIntyre on Dancing with the Stars..hahaha!!

JenB said...

Too funny! That IS the concert Daniel went to too!

Mulchy Mama said...

You need to talk to Emily Clark -- she was just telling me this week how excited she was about this and how she most definitely will be buying tix to their concert! Maybe all you NKOTB fans can get a group together and have your own little HGBC mosh (is that how you spell it?) pit at the concert! Ha!

Melissa said...

OH my word. A mosh pit of the Grovers! Now THAT would be interesting to say the least. Never got into NKOTB. You girls who did are cracking me up! :)

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Oh my gosh!! I did not know this!!! I was the BIGGEST NKOTB fan, I had the curtains, the sheets, the towels, every tape (before CD's you know??), posters.....everything!! I even had their barbie dolls!! It was a serious obsession!!! But oh my word, I was so in love with those boys!! Jordan was my fav.....everytime it was my birthday I would listen to their "Happy Birthday" song...and imagine them singing it just to me!! I's awful isn't it??!!! I can't believe they are coming back!

JenB said...

Nicki---Well, i can't believe you just admitted all that! haha