Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Preacher Who BROUGHT. IT.

We're having a pastor's conference at our church this week. Tonight the pastor was really good. (Actually there were two but I had to leave before the second one started since it was getting late for the kids.) I'm sure the second guy was great too. :)

So this pastor, I have heard about him pretty much all my life. Let me 'splain. His family is friends with my home church pastor's family. And my home church pastor's daughter is my best friend from, like, the nursery! I just remember hearing about this man and his family growing up, although I never met any of them. So now he's a pastor in TN and friends with one of our pastors and he preached at our church tonight. And like the title says, he BROUGHT IT.

He preached from 1 Tim. 2:1-8. One of the things he said that really stood out to me was about the message that we all have. It's simple. If you are saved, you have a message. And you are to share that message. With everyone. EVERYONE. As in, "if they are breathing, you tell them!"

Sometimes we think we don't have anything to say. No huge, blinding light on the road testimony. But the Bible says that your message is Christ, that He saves, and that you have faith that He died on the cross for you. That's it. And that's enough! Because that's ALL that matters. God's Word won't return void! He has promised us that. As Beth Moore said in the "Psalms of the Ascent" video, "you aren't good enough to mess God up!" Even if your face gets bright red (I don't know anyone who does that. ahem) and you fumble your words and stumble over the Scripture, God can use it! Isn't that freeing?

Cause it's not about me.

Thank goodness.


Faith said...

Oh girl! I posted about this too! How funny! He did 'bring it' and it was just awesome!
Junior Hill was great too, really spoke to me about what we are going through right now. I definitely needed to hear and I'm so glad that I came tonight.
I was glad to see you too! Love ya!

Melissa said...

I loved that he said that if you have to write a book about your testimony then it probably didn't really happen to you! Oh my word! It was great! Loved it!
Love you!

Stephanie D. said...

I am so mad I missed last night, you guys are getting me so excited. Hey we all need to get together, either take all the kids to the park, or some girls time away. Talk to you soon.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

You are so right....HE BROUGHT it girl! Whew!! It was AMAZING!!