Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Idol Live---well, almost

Here I am, semi-live blogging on American Idol. Got home late and had to put the kids to bed, so now I'm watching.

Ok did anybody fall for that April Fools' joke from Ryan? A little cheesy.

Dolly Parton! woo hoo! That is some big...hair! Are they going to do a group performance of 9 to 5 tomorrow? Oh please no. Not a fan of the group songs.

---30 min later---
I'm no good at this. I've discovered I don't have that much to say about the performances. I either like it or I don't and then I just want to talk about what they're wearing or their hair. So I deleted what I had written and now I'll just sum it up without trying to dazzle you with all the music knowledge that is NOT in me. I mean, I didn't even know the names of all the songs. Whatever.

I liked Brooke, David C, Jason, Carly, David A, and Michael. Not crazy about Ramiele or Syesha. (was I the only one who was bored?) Kristy still needs to move around some more. She went from sitting to standing but that's about all.

More importantly, I really liked Kristy's dress, although i don't think I could wear it that long. I like David A's sweater, love me some argyle. He's a cute little preppy thing. And Ryan's comment to Kristy about her nails gave me the creeps for some reason. Not crazy about Syesha's hair. It has looked better. I think Ramiele is so cute, but that skirt looked weird, kinda bunchy in the front.

Speaking of clothes, what is up with that flower on Paula's chest? But she is more coherent this week, so I'll give her that.

So that's my Idol wrap-up. Not the typical play by play I guess, but it will have to do.

Jennifer, out!


Melissa said...

You ain't right. Good fashion comments! Crackin' me up girlfriend.

Faith said...
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Faith said...

I loved David A's outfit too! He looked so cute. And Kristy's dress was very pretty. Loved your wrap-up!

Faith said...

I don't know why my comment posted twice...oops!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

love the change up of your blog - very cute. you girls are getting sassy over in Lina!! love it and miss you!!!