Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol - Top 7 (again)

It's Wednesday morning and I'm just now watching!  Is this even worth doing?  I haven't seen any other re-caps though, so we'll pretend it's Tues night.  Man, I feel incredibly rested for 8 pm.

Disco Night!  Get out your platforms, ladies!

Lil - "I'm Every Woman"  Chaka! Chaka Chan Chaka!  It's time for her to go.  I'm sorry. The vocals just aren't there.  It seems all over the place to me.  Why oh why is she talking?  Shut up already!

Kris - "She Works Hard For the Money"  Hey they aren't doing videos this week.  And they are letting all the judges talk.  That is a crazy arrangement.  I like it!  Oh goodness I loved that!  It was cool and new and wow!   Ready for the big time, dawg!!! 

Paula is just so weird.

Danny - "September"  It's hard to listen to that song without dancing a little, ya know? As evidenced by my 4 yr old right now.  I think it was good.  Vocals were pretty good and it was a great performance. 

Allison - "Looking for Some Hot Stuff"  I was getting ready to comment on her outfit, but my daughter walked in the room and said "Whoa."  I think that says it right there.  I'm not sure I liked that arrangement.  Her vocals are always great, but I didn't really like that.   Hey Dawg agrees with me. 

Looks like taking out the videos is working.  They're half way through the show and have 3 more performances.  Good call.

Adam - "If I Can't Have You"  I don't want nobody, baby.  I'm just sayin'.  Ok that's a very interesting arrangement.  Totally not how I'm singing it right now.  And of course we have the token screeching in the middle.  I'm just not a fan, in case you didn't know.  Oh gracious, Paula gives me a headache.  All that talk about him tearing out his heart and leaving it on the stage.  Maybe a teeny dramatic.

Matt - "Stayin' Alive"  There were some parts that made me cringe, but overall I liked it.  I like his cool vibe, his JT-ness.  I agree with Simon that he can't win it, but I like him and think he's going to make some great music. 

Anoop - "Dim All The Lights"  Ooo what about that 'stache? Not sure I like the song choice.  He's sounding a little pitchy.  Oh dude, that last note.  Yikes. 

Kris is my favorite tonight.  Lil and Anoop are in trouble.  

Gotta go!


I can't find my blog said...

You nailed it. Kris=good, Paula? NO! :-)

Ashleigh said... did nail it. GREAT recap. I have been waiting on you for this. I agreed with it all. Adam asked me if I would ever let my daughter dress like Allison? She is 16!
I hope Anoop isn't in trouble. I am not ready for him to go.
My votes to go are Lil and Matt.
And saying Paula is weird is putting it mildly. I HATE to hear her speak anymore!!!

MiMi said...

I'm with you --it's PAST time for Lil to go! I think it will be (or should be) Lil going home tonight and maybe "Anoop Dog" next!

We'll see.....

Heather said...

Glad you went ahead and re-capped! LOVED Kris and I think you are right about Lil and Matt. But I think Anoop is right behind them. I did NOT like him last night...Totally agree about Adam, too. That screeching hurts my head, as does Paula going on and on about him!

Melissa said...

I am glad Lil went home. She was good, but getting on my nerves. good recap chicky! :)

Faith said...

I was behind on watching so I had to catch up last night. Girl, you were right on! I am SO glad Lil is gone, finally!