Thursday, April 9, 2009

A day late, but still.....

A few of the blogs I read participated in this at It's Almost Naptime yesterday.  I thought it was a great idea!  To just brag on my kids a little.  Because let's face it, we tend to dwell on all the things that drive us nuts daily.  I, for one, am way better at fussing at them or about them than praising and bragging on them.  Just being real here. 

So, let's commence with the bragging!!

Here's Becca.


The firstborn.  Gorgeous blue eyes, long eyelashes.  Thoughtful, sweet, quiet, tender heart, and helpful.  She loves to draw, do math, and play sports.  Her reading has improved by leaps and bounds in the last year and she enjoys it. 

She's a loyal friend.  She still misses her little buddy who moved away 2 years ago.  I find little notes on her school work like "I love my brother" or "I miss Hailey"(the dog). 

She remembers lines from movies and quotes them at random times.  And she wants to be dentist when she grows up. 

And Hayes.


The baby.  Sweet little smile, fantastic blue eyes.  Funny, energetic, loving, and silly.  He's all boy.  Loves cars, trucks, balls, video games, and just running around.  He's great at coloring, loves to write his name, and likes to be read to. 

It might take him a little while to warm up to you, especially adults, but once you're his friend, he'll love you forever.   He likes for his daddy to carry him on his shoulders.  And he's gotten quite snuggly lately and I love that! 

Hayes is SO ready to play sports it's not even funny.  He still has another year before he can play but he is having fun practicing.  He can hit a ball like nobody's business and has really good control of a soccer ball for a 4 yr old.  But maybe I'm biased.  We shall see!

Ok, brag party is over!  I'm off to squeeze my kids and smother them with kisses!!


Heather said...

I just did this today, too...and I loved it! I liked reading yours!

Melissa said...

OH! That was very sweet. I agree with every bit of it! They are both great kids and I love them both very much!! AND I love you! Miss you!

Missy said...

They sound precious! I am glad you played! And I LOVE the name Hayes. Super cool.

Faith said...

Aww, I love this!! They are definitely brag worthy kids. I love everything you listed about them, it's so true!! They are precious and I love them so much! Love you too and proud of the awesome mother you are to them.

I'll miss y'all this weekend!

Lelia Chealey said...

Beautiful children! I loved how you said of your son...once your his friend he'll love you forever. So precious.

MiMi said...

Such beautiful children! I love everything you said about them. (I'm still waiting on Hayes to warm up to me! lol)

Missed seeing you this weekend! Hope you and your precious family had a blessed Easter!