Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Month of Thankfulness – Day 4

Today I’m thankful for the rain outside.  I love days like this when we have no plans and can just stay in our pj’s and make rice krispie treats.  We might even do school. :)

I’m also thankful for my sweet husband and how hard he works for our family.  I’ll also be thankful when that work brings him back in town tonight. Even one night away is too much.


Happy Thursday!!


Faith said...

Man, I would give anything to be at home in my pj's. On a day like today, there's nothing better! Hope y'all enjoy it (and those rice krispie treats!)

Melissa said...

Yay for rice krispie treats! I have not made those in ages! Yes, a PJ day would have been nice! Enjoy!