Tuesday, March 23, 2010

American Idol - Top 11

Billboard's number 1 songs is the theme this week. 

Lee - The Letter  Totally agree with the reviews I've seen of Lee, he needs to show more personality.  He can sing for sure.  I like this jazzy version of the song and he could be in danger of the brass section overpowering him on stage.  But I think he's showing more personality tonight.  Probably his best performance so far.

PaigeAgainst All Odds  Don't know if it's her voice problems or what but she's seems really pitchy.  Awww man, the whole thing was just off.  I hate that for her. Can't believe Lacey went home instead of her. (Is that mean?)

Tim - Crazy Little Thing Called Love  Bless him, he's trying to show more personality tonight, but Simon's going to go OFF on the sliding around on the stage.  The vocals were ok for me.  I'm glad he was moving around more, so performance-wise it was better.  But vocally it was just, eh.  Whoa, he got slammed.  I feel bad for him but it really was kind of uncomfortable. 

Aaron - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing  I can tell his voice is not as strong as usual, but I think he's doing great.  Not his best performance, but pretty solid. 

Crystal - Me & Bobby McGee  Have no idea if she took Miley's advice or not, but it sounded crazy good.  I don't know that song but I could totally hear her recording it.  Do I sound like a broken record yet?  Winner.

Michael - When A Man Loves A Woman   Great song for him, although predictable.  He's in it to win it, as they say.  Homeboy can flat out sang.  Outstanding.  Seriously, Kara and Simon are just nit-picking now. 

Andrew - I Heard It Through the Grapevine  Didn't love it.  I think Simon may be onto something.  Maybe the Straight Up performance was just overrated. 

Katie - Big Girls Don't Cry  I like her voice, but I kind of think it fell apart a little at the end.  Not her best performance.  She does look better, younger.  And a better song for her. 

Casey - The Power of Love   Back to the Future, anyone?  I always think of that movie when I hear this song.  The other guitarists are showing more personality than he is.  He needs to work on that.  Vocals are great as always. 

Didi - You're No Good   I don't get the judges.  I liked this a lot.  I totally disagree with them.  I thought it was great and she looked comfortable on stage.  But what do I know?

Siobhan - Superstition  That girl is so different when she is on stage.  When she talks, she's so soft-spoken and almost childlike.  Then she gets on stage and starts channeling Adam Lambert with all the screaming.  I really like her but the crazy screaming is getting on my nerves.  Does she have to do it in every song now?

In my opinion, Tim and Paige are in trouble.  But the teeny bopper vote will probably save Tim.  Time for Lost!


Joyce said...

I mostly agreed with you...and I'm so over the screaming. She's got an amazing voice...does she need to keep doing that?

Faith said...

I'm so not interested this season! I don't know what it is - I half watched the performances last night but I really am not that into it this season.

Like reading your recaps though!

Amber Benge said...

I agree... Crystal has it in the bag.