Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Idol - Top 12!!

It's Top 12, people!  And they're on the big stage.  What up with the new announcer?  Is that the Kodak Theater?  Where are they?  What in heaven's name does Lacey have on?  I still can't believe Lilly's gone.

Wow, the Stones.  This could get interesting.

Michael - Miss You  Good to see him with his little baby.  Since he missed the birth and all.  That still bugs me. Ok, I'll let it go.  He's great.  He definitely looked comfortable on the big stage.  (Is it me or is Kara totally making sense this year?  Whaat?)

Didi - Play With Fire  Not crazy about this song, but she did a fantastic job.  A little mess up on the words maybe?  I thought something sounded weird and Ellen confirmed.  She covered well.  She'll be here next week.

Casey - It's All Over Now  Loved his video clip.  How sweet is his mom with her Casey James shirt?  Love this song for him.  It fits.  I thought the judges might give him a hard time for the guitar too because he was almost focusing on that more. 

Lacey - Ruby Tuesday   Awww, her dad's so cute talking about her.  Not my favorite performance but I liked it.  I just like her.

Andrew - Gimme Shelter  Andrew as a little boy looks like my friend Traci's little boy. (Right?) I liked this.  Randy says he was pitchy.  Ah, what does he know? 

Katie - Wild Horses  Great vocals.  Good choice.  Don't love the dress.

Tim - Under My Thumb  I don't think the reggae thing was "crazy."  His vocals were good.  The teeny bopper vote will keep him around.

Siobhan - Paint It Black  Whoa with the note near the end.  Wow.  She's crazy good.  Just as much emphasis on "crazy" as "good."  She definitely knows who she is. 

Lee - Beast of Burden  I really like his voice.  That gravely, sand paper quality is cool.  Yay!

Paige - Honky Tonk Women  She does have a great voice, laryngitis or not.  Don't know how much longer she'll be around though.

Aaron - Angie  He's looking more comfortable on stage.  Good song choice for him.  Didn't blow me away but I think it was good.

Crystal - You Can't Always Get What You Want  I'd say Siobhan was my favorite tonight, but Crystal is my favorite overall.  I've said it before (I think), she's in a league of her own.

No time to read over this again.  I've left my kids to their own devices while I watch this.  Who wants to bet they haven't been doing school? ha!

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Chris said...

Hi! I just popped over from Boomama's Idol recaps. I love AI, but haven't posted about it yet this year! I love Crystal too - she's been my favorite since Hollywood week. I'm liking Siobhan more every week. Michael's been my favorite guy, with Aaron becoming a second.

Nice to "meet" you, from a fellow homeschooler.