Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The finale. I mean, THE FINALE!!!

It's just the opening and I'm already rolling my eyes. How dumb is that, standing there in all white facing each other. 97.5 million votes! Wow. 56% to 44% of the votes. Hey it's Mikalah from last season (?). She got on my nerves whichever season it was. And Matt from some season. I think I liked him. Oooo my other favorite Fox show, So You Think You Can Dance. I just watched a marathon of that on MTV this weekend and I am ready for the new season.

The Davids are doing a duet! I like that song, Hero. Hey they sound really good together.

Now we have some cheesy promotion for the new Mike Myers movie. I like Mike Myers and all but can you say, "filler"? "Mariska Hargatay!" Mr. Seafoam almost went right off that stage! Oh I laughed out loud.

Dude, Syesha is singing with Seal!! Third place not looking so bad now, huh?

Oh, Jason Castro makes me want to take a nap. Although I do like his song.

I've missed hearing Carly sing! She went home way too early. They seriously need to leave the dancing to the professionals. Donna Summer has a new single? Is it 1975? Oh people, disco is BACK!

Now that would have been a good finale, Michael and Carly. Daniel asked me if I wanted to get tickets for the Idol concert and I said no. But if this is a preview then I might change my mind.

Summer of '69. Yeah, I wasn't born yet.(I forgot about that guy, the stripper guy. David?)
I love me some Bryan Adams. One of his better haircuts, I must say. I can't even type, i'm too busy singing EVERY WORD!! I need somebody. Somebody like YOU!!

Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man. Funny enough though we don't really dig the beard down to the waist. How about David Cook singing lead for ZZ Top. That's got to be surreal for him. Very cool.

They couldn't have gotten anybody more perfect for Brooke to sing with than Graham Nash. I can't wait to buy her CD. Great song for her. I really want to be her friend and talk about hair and stuff.

What is up with the old lady on the stage. Poor Pat. It's too late to apologize for bringing you up on stage with your red pocketbook and red outfit. It's too late. And it's too late to apologize for Jordin's gold dress. She looks like an Oscar. How unfortunate.

So apparently skirts aren't even in fashion anymore. Just a long jacket and you are good to go. What IS UP with Carrie Underwood's outfit? But she always has good hair, so I might forgive her the clothes.

George Michael is SO getting ready to come out, right? On stage, I mean. ha! Told you!! Ok, I just fast-forwarded through his song. Creeps, creeps, creeps, he gives me the creeps!

Finally it's time. I'm so underwhelmed right now. (Randy's jacket....there are no words.) What is up with Simon apologizing to David C? Wow. That's pretty big. Kinda weird that they're dressed alike, right? I guess from the last song? Anyway...

David Cook wins!! I think I'm surprised. Oh, he's crying. You know I can't handle that. Stop it! Aww, there's his brother. And I didn't cry until the end when David's brother looked in the camera and said, "That's my brother." Sweet.

That's it people. It's been fun. Mariska Hargatay.


Melissa said...

"Creeps,creeps, he gives me the creeps!" OH my word I am laughing out loud and totally relating! He looked terrible! I mean terrible! AND the gold dress that Jordin was wearing... oh, bless! Was Kerri Underwood's song from the new Vegas movie? I was just trying to justify the girl not knowing her last name! After "Jesus Take the Wheel" I was thinking that she didn't really hand Him the wheel if she now married someone that she didn't know!! Love her bangs though! I don't know if I am misspelling all of these names or not, but was sooooooo wishing I had a lap top so I could make all of these comments while watching! Randy's jacket was... interesting... and I laughed out loud when Ryan said he was celebrating Valentine's day! THEN Paula showing just a little clevage! Helloooo! AND the marching band that came up with that weird "friend to the end" guy just cracked me up. He did look like a drum major!
Ok, I will stop rambling. Just thought it was a fun show and Hollywood is, once again, a sight to behold.
The end.

pinkmommy said...

Can you believe it! I was so excited!

And what on earth was Jordin and Carrie wearing?

Faith said...

Jordin's dress....What on earth? I hope her stylist no longer has a job. And Carrie...I was just afraid she was going to get her heel caught in that scarf/sleeve thingy and take a spill...oh my, what a sight that would have been!

Marybeth Whalen said...

I didn't watch most of this-- but your commentary was far more entertaining anyway!

I SO wish you would have come up to me at NCHE. I would have loved to meet you!!