Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rock and Roll Idol

It's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame night. I'm not a big rocker and if you know me personally I know that just shocks you. Let's go, peeps!

Glad they explained things to Paula tonight. Although that crazy awkward moment last week was classic Paula. Loved it and wanted to watch with my hands over my eyes.

David Cook: Hungry Like the Wolf---So obviously this should be a good David Cook night. I liked it. I'm pretty much on the David bandwagon, but there's just something about him, arrogance I think, that bothers me. What in the world is Paula talking about? You'd think after last week they wouldn't let her talk.

Syesha: Proud Mary---Wow, a Tina song. She really better BRING IT. Ok well that explains the dress. (I must say I really like her hair last week and this week. She looks so different and very pretty.) Oh the dancing. Those short dresses make me nervous. I guess that mosh pit is really getting to know her, if you know what I mean. Hopefully she's not pulling a Britney. Anywho, she's quite the performer. She's no Tina Turner, but really who is? Surely she expected a critique like that from Simon when she picked that song.

Jason: I Shot the Sheriff---Oh what a stretch, Bob Marley. That hair. Please. Somebody. Cut. It. Did he play the guitar at all? I think he's going home this week. Of course I thought so last week too. Apparently he has quite the following. And apparently Simon isn't one of them. Oooo the judges are brutal.

David A: Stand By Me---Ok, 2 lines in and I love it. I couldn't even type while he was singing, I just had to watch. I LOVED IT!!!

Round Dois (practicing my Portuguese)

David C: Didn't catch the name---I don't know that song and I don't really like it, but he did well. He can sing anything and this is his thang, so rock on dude. (I just said 'rock on dude.' Not sure I can pull that off.)

Syesha: A Change is Gonna Come---Don't know what to say about that. It didn't blow me away. She looks pretty though. Oh Paula's making her cry. Well Brooke's gone so somebody has to be the crier.

Jason: Mr. Tambourine Man---He forgot the words. Yikes. Oooo that last note hurt my ears. He's too laid back for his own good. It makes him seem like he doesn't care.

David A: Love Me Tender---Love me some Elvis. I like this arrangement. He could record this. To quote Simon "You didn't beat the competition tonight, you CRUSHED the competition tonight." Yes. Yes, you did.

So I think Jason is going bye-bye. Next week, final 3! Woo hoo!! I'm off to watch Dancing! So much TV, so little time!!


Pajama Mama said...

Great review, Jennifer!

A lot of people say the same thing about David C...seeming arrogant. But somehow, I don't see that. I think he just doesn't exactly know how to accept praise, maybe?

I thought Paula was more coherent tonight than any!

Blessings, Jeannie

Mamacita said...

I love Jason, but I thought that, too. Like he isn't exactly caring at this point. Fun review. :)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and saying Hi. I look forward to reading more. H

Faith said...

Oh, I have so much to catch up on! Haven't watched yet, but I love your re-cap...you make me laugh!

Melissa said...

Loved the play by play again. You are so funny. Can any of us pull off "rock on dude"? I am not sure! Poor Paula. She needs therapy.