Monday, May 19, 2008

Tot School

I've been reading Carisa's blog for a while now and even though her kids are younger than mine, she's really inspiring me in my homeschooling. We've used some of her lapbook ideas and Becca LOVES them. I'll have to take some pictures of them soon. Carisa's Tot School idea is really taking off and it's amazing to see what moms are doing with their toddlers. I guess I have "Tot School" almost every day, but I haven't been documenting it or even really thinking about it that way. So I decided to start being deliberate about it and participating in this will keep me accountable.

Hayes learning shapes and sorting

Working in the new workbook we got at Target. It's for getting ready to write, practicing straight and curved lines. He's really getting into it.

I was working with Becca and I heard Hayes talking to himself. It was cute so of course I tried to get him to do it again for the camera. And really the grin at the end makes it all worth while.

Head on over here to see what other Tot Schoolers are doing. (FYI, they are a neat family, serving as missionaries in an inner city here in the US. They are from this area and her mom still lives in Charlotte.)


Melissa said...

The man! He's so big! I love it that he's into it!! That will make life sooo much easier! I will have to check out the ideas for the Caroline! We need all the help we can get! Thanks for sharing!

Faith said...

Oh my word!!! That is some serious cuteness right there! Such a sweet and smart little tot!

Carisa said...

Hi and welcome to Tot School!!! Thanks for joining in with us, I am so glad to have so many of us sharing and growing together.

I see you are form NC, how cool. I am actually in NC right now visiting my family.


Valerie McClintick said...

Your little boy is adorable! Welcome to the meme, I'm having a blast with it too!



Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing! I looked over the site and it is wonderful! I can't wait to print off some of her lapbooks and maybe join in with Tot School.