Monday, May 5, 2008

Planes, Trains, and Field Trips

The past few weeks seem like a blur to me. I haven't really had time to post about anything so this might be long. You've been warned!!

A week or so ago my friend Katie and I took our kids to the NC Transportation Museum that is nearby. If you live in the area, you should really check this out. The museum part is free and you can pretty much see everything in about 2 hours, which is probably all little ones can handle anyway! They have trains, cars, and airplanes. You can ride on the turntable for $1 and they also have train rides at various times, but I can't remember how much that is. We couldn't stay for that, but the kids had a great time anyway.

Hayes thought this looked like Doc from the movie Cars.

Here's Becca pretending to fly with the Blue Angels.

Today we rode a real train, our city's new light rail system, into work with Daniel. He took the day off but needed to go in for a few hours so we rode along. The kids and I went to ImaginOn, a children's library and theater. While I'd like to say that we spent those 2 hours reading books, alas most of it was spent exploring and playing on the computer. We'll say Hayes was working on his fine motor skills and call it a day, 'k?

Playing on the "art" outside the library (is that what you call it? It's really typewriter keys and big stamps and pencils. Pretty neat actually.)

We love books!

With Daniel travelling so much lately, family time has been limited. So when he said he was taking the day off, I was thrilled. And he suggested the train ride and library. As my friend said today, "what a fun dad!" Of course that was after she had said "what a fun mom!" when I told her what we were doing. So I had to admit that it wasn't my idea.
My idea of a Monday would have been to sleep in, stay in pj's until lunch, do some math and reading, and catch up on laundry.

Oh yeah. I'm fun alright.

A whole truckload of fun. That's me.

Tomorrow we go to the dentist and pull weeds in the flower beds. Field trips, smield trips.

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Faith said...

Girl, who are you trying to kid? You ARE fun! Love these guys have done some cool stuff lately! I know the kids had a great time. They are very blessed to have you and Daniel as their parents!