Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Top Three!!

Final three!! Yippee! Lots of songs tonight and I'm pretty sure I won't catch the names of them all. And I KNOW I won't have heard them all before. So aren't you excited to read my critiques? Thought so. Got my kids in bed, caffeine free Dr. Pepper by my side so let's hit it.

David A: "And So It Goes"-- First song and I've never heard it. Great. Of course it was great because he can sing anything. Moving on.

"With You"-- Did he just mess up the words? I couldn't understand some of them. I like him singing something newer. It was ok. I can't believe I'm saying that about him! I kinda agree with Simon here.

"Longer"-- Oh, not really a hand waving kind of song, girls. Hey they stopped!! I liked that better than his first two. He's going to the finals.

Syesha: "If I've Got You"-- She looks so sparkly and pretty. I didn't really like the verse, but she pulled it out in the chorus, for me anyway.

"Fever"-- I don't know what she's going to do with that chair but I hope she remembers how short her dress is. Ok I liked the singing, the chair I could have done without. Judges are not crazy about that song choice at all.

"Hit Me Up"-- Much better than the other two, I thought. Man, I agree with Simon again! Syesha might be in trouble.

David C: "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"-- Kind of weird choice, but we'll see. Ok I really like this. Awesome. So good. (Oh look at his dad, he's so cute!) "It's so funny this is all about you 2." Great line, Paula!

"Dare You To Move"-- I REALLY wanted to like this. I like the song but am I crazy to say that I didn't care for it. Let's see what the judges say. Hmm, they pretty much agree with me. Guess I'm not crazy after all.

"I Don't Want To Miss A Thing"-- WAY better than the last one. I think it's going to be an all male finale, people. Yep, me and Simon. We're of one mind tonight.

Ok I know this is long, but I have to comment on The Bachelor. Actually my husband wants to. And since he doesn't show much interest in this bloggy usually, I'll humor him. He sent me this in an email. He's out of town. And can I just say that for someone who SAYS he doesn't watch the show, he certainly has some opinions. (And I should say that for all the times he "hasn't" been watching it, his favorite is Chelsea)

"Here are some quotes from your husband that you can put on your site
concerning the show:
1. He is a fool, He is a fool.
2. If you have to hold the front of your dress below your c. rot c. h when you walk then that may be sign that it is a wee bit too short or that the slit is up a little too high. (referring to Chelsea’s dress)
3. Girl, fix your hair and get that crap out of your eyes. What, did you put your hair up working in the yard before you went to the finale? (referring to the other chick what ever her name is) [Um, Shayne, baby. And I'm pretty sure she's never worked in the yard]
4.He is a fool, He is a fool. "

God love him. And for the record I was pulling for Shayne. She grew on me throughout the season. Although my fave was the Meeper and I was SO mad when he sent her home. And then she called him a ********! I didn't know she had a potty mouth.

Dancing's already started. Gotta go!


Faith said...

Haven't watched Idol yet, I had a late class tonight. Once again, I love your recap!
I am cracking up at Daniel's review of the Bachelor! He is so right! I was so glad that He picked Shayne...I really hope that she is genuine and that they make it. We shall see!
Missing you, my friend!

Sister Honey Bunch/Judi maloney said...

Great recap.

I only watched the finale of Bachelor this season. I can't believe he chose that girl. Isn't she an actress or something?

Pajama Mama said...

I think David A did mess up some of those words..and the chair was a little much for me, too. We like Syesha here, still. David C is my fave.

Mamacita said...

Great review - I was also thinking Dave messed up some of his lines but nobody seemed to catch it. :)

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

I'm with ya on the Shayne thing! I thought she was so fake at first, but then she really grew on me too! And I didn't like Chealsea, she was just "odd".

Melissa said...

You are so funny. It's like I am sitting there listening to you comment on everyone and their song choices. I can so hear you saying all of it! And Daniel is cracking me up too! Oh my word! I figured that when the bachelor (Matt, I guess?) started calling Shayne "Monkey" on their dates that he was DONE! You don't usually adopt a "pet name" for someone that you don't REALLY like... unless you are calling them a name like the other chick did! Anyway, I think he made a good choice. I just hope she doesn't follow her parent's example and go through multiple marriages... like she told Matt's family!! Oh my word!

pinkmommy said...

I was a Shayne fan too. I don't think she was as fake as she appeared. I hope not for his sake, anyway. What happened to After The Final Rose?