Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Because, seriously, the Olympics are draining all my energy

Or maybe it's not so much the Olympics as it is me staying up until all hours of the night watching the Olympics. And yes, I could DVR it. But when in the world would I watch it?

Because during the day there is always some kind of sporting event to watch on one of the 52 NBC channels.

And also, the laundry? It doesn't wash itself.

And the kids? They tend to need to eat a few times a day. And while they are able to feed themselves, when left to their own devices they tend to gravitate toward Teddy Grahams and Pringles. (and really. Who doesn't?)

So anyway, I'm tired. And tired for me equals no creative brain functioning. Therefore: no blog posts.

BUT! Lucky for me Melissa tagged me with a meme I haven't done yet, so yay! Material!

where is your cell phone? purse

your significant other? funny

your hair? clean

your mother? sentimental

your father? wise

your favorite thing? beach

your dream last night? none

your favorite drink? Dr.Pepper

your dream/goal? honor

the room you’re in? den

your hobby? piano

your fear? cancer

where do you want to be in 6 years? here

what you’re not? creative

muffins? chocolatechip

one of your wish list items? curtains

where you grew up? Granite

last thing you did? church

favorite gadget? phone

your pets? nope

your computer? lap

your mood? reflective

missing someone? yes

your car? red

favorite store? target

like someone? yes!

your favorite color? green

last time you laughed? tonight

last time you cried? yesterday

(By the way, that one word thing was hard to do!)

I tag whoever needs blog material.


Michelle said...

I did this one a while back and the one word thing IS hard! I think I even cheated on a couple of them.

Faith said...

I need to jump on this one too, because I'm seriously lacking in the "things to talk about on the blog" department!

Melissa said...

YAY! Glad I could help! :)
I worked out yesterday and today so now I am sore AND tired from watching the Olympics. A sight to behold, I am!

MiMi said...

I know what you mean about being tired! I have stayed up every night watching Michael Phelps and it has been amazing, but it definitely has caught up with me!
This one word meme was hard, wasn't it? I learned something about you, though --- I didn't know your hobby was piano. That's awesome!