Thursday, August 7, 2008

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old.......

This week has been a flurry of friends, family, and fun. (How about that alliteration!) The kids and I headed to my hometown on Monday for 3 days of visits with my family and my 2 best childhood friends, Mandy and Ashleigh.

Mandy still lives close by so Ash and I try to see her when we go home to see our parents. Ash lives further away than I do, so whenever she is planning a visit, I try to go for a few days too. We all have kids the same ages and they play together pretty well. AND as I said the other day, we were all dying to get our hands on Ashleigh's newest little girl, Erin Hope.

Here the little cutie pie.

Here's Mandy's son with her. I've never seen a 7 yr old (a BOY, at that) be so excited about a baby. Pretty sure he's going to be working on his mama for a little sister!

Funny story. Mandy was talking to him about babies and a baby sister and he said if he had one he'd "play with her the whole summer!" Cause you know, come fall he's super busy. ha!

We had 2 days at the pool and one at Mandy's house. Lots of fun and tons of laughing.

Here are our moms.

Also known as Marcia, Becky, and Mrs. McGuire. Also known as Ash's mom, my mom, and Mandy's mom. (I don't know why, but we've always called Mandy's mom Mrs. McGuire. Maybe because she was a teacher when we were growing up?) We spent basically our whole childhoods at each other's houses. These ladies fed us all many a meal!

Mandy's Molly and Becca

Molly and Hayes (apparently everyone like to play with Molly!)

The 3 amigas

Our kids
(Becca, Andy, Nate, Erin Hope, Hayes, Molly, and Sam)

We didn't spend ALL our time with friends. We had some quality time with family too. My brother came over for supper and to see the kids. And to be introduced to Guitar Hero.

My mom joined in on the action. She cracked me up holding the guitar. Doesn't it look like she's wearing it like a necklace? I kept laughing at her and she kept saying, "What? What?" So funny.

I absolutely love spending time with my oldest friends. We're all pretty different than we were as kids (who isn't? Although they are always late and I'm usually on time. Some things don't change!) but we still love each other and cherish our friendships. Sometimes it's surreal to think that we all have husbands and families when we can still remember things from childhood that seem like yesterday. Are we really that old? Don't answer that.
Anyway, I love you girls! Thanks for continuing to make fun memories with me!


Faith said...

These are great pics! The youngin's are all so cute (and of course I love Molly's monogrammed dress!)

Love the pic of Nana playing Guitar Hero!!! So good!

Glad you were able to get away and have fun with your girls and thankful to have you as my friend too! Love ya!

Ashleigh said...

Such sweet memories! Thanks for not sharing the other picture...I think...this one is almost as bad. But at least I don't look like a football player, right? Thanks for coming home to share some time with us! I sure do love you girls!!

Ashleigh said...

Even "Nana's" can enjoy and respond to this blog. Enjoyed reading. And we do have such wonderful memories for "decades" now!!!!

love ya. "Mom Marcia"

MiMi said...

Looks like ya'll had a wonderful time! Nothing like friends, family and fun! I love all the pics. What a precious group of kiddos!

Glad you got to get away for a few days!

Melissa said...

Awww! That's great!! I loved seeing your pics!! The kids are all so big now. Time really flies and kids grow fast! Good for you! I am glad you all got to hang out. Your mom is cracking me up too!

Lisa said...

It looks like y'all had a great visit. I laughed when I read the title of your post. I almost titled my post from the same date the same title. I ended up going with "Seems like old times." You must have been a Girl Scout too.