Sunday, August 24, 2008

How could I have missed it?

Well, the Olympics is almost over. Looking forward to the closing ceremonies tonight, but it's pretty much over.

And guess what I just realized.

I saw NO synchronized swimming. None!

Where was it? Where was I? Did you see it?

I saw badminton. I saw table tennis (I'm sorry, seriously it's ping pong). I saw synchronized diving for goodness sake. My husband saw mall-walking. Really? Should that REALLY be an Olympic sport?

Cause there are some folks up at Concord Mills who could give those folks a run--um, walk for their money.

And while we're on that subject. How about jumping on the trampoline. They are taking baseball out of the Olympics but they've added trampoline jumping?

I even watched the men's marathon. And really it's just men running for a crazy long distance in the crazy hot weather. But I watched mostly to see Ryan Hall, a very cool guy who's a Christian and has a great testimony. Check him out here. He came in 10th, second American.

So anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the synchronized swimming!!! I'm so bummed I missed it! Those little ladies with their hair all slicked back, noses all pinched shut (that looks really weird, y'all), flipping around, arms and legs all rigid and pointed. It's really an odd sport but it just makes me happy to watch it.

And now I've missed my chance for another 4 years. Man.



Melissa said...

IT WAS SATURDAY GIRLFRIEND!! We saw some of it and it was TRULY amazing!! I was mezmerized by their ability to tread water UPSIDEDOWN while bringing their own bodys to the surface and then have another girl jump into the air from their legs!! It was amazing!!

What are we going to watch now? I am always at a loss when the Olympics go off... of course not having cable doesn't help much. Andy Griffith... here we come! HA!

Faith said...

Awwww man, I missed it too!

I am so glad that you posted the deal about the mall walking...unfortunatley I missed that as well, but I can totally get the picture after seeing that perfectly done demonstration! Hilarious!

Ashleigh said...

You're really kidding about MALL WALKING aren't you?

I missed it too.

And here I have wondered all day what in the world I am going to watch now??? I guess it is back to reality tv!

Love you!

Michelle said...

HA! mall walking! You have GOT to be kidding me! that's so funny!

We didn't watch much of it this year. We've just been so stinkin' busy!

MiMi said...

I missed it too! I saw synchronized swimming, though!

You didn't mention Cat Strolling? Emma's already training!

Mulchy Mama said...

LOVE that youtube video! Who knew?