Friday, May 15, 2009

10 Years!!


Ten years ago today I was waking up as a single lady for the last time.  My best friend Ashleigh had spent the night with me at my townhouse.  We didn't really do anything exciting that morning.  Just got burgers from our favorite local joint for lunch.  I'm pretty sure I was too nervous to eat it though.  I remember we laid out in the sun on my deck for a little while and talked. 

I did my own hair and make-up, so no last minute appointments or anything.  My groom was playing golf with my dad, his dad, and our brothers.  And maybe his friend Michael?  I do remember learning later that Daniel hurt his back that day and no one wanted to tell me about it.  (If you're my Facebook friend, this kind of thing seems to happen a lot to my husband, huh?)

In some ways it seems like it was just yesterday.  But then when I see those glasses on Daniel, I realize that it has been a while! 

In 10 years, we've gotten married, moved twice, joined a new church, become a family of 3, lost family members, gained 3 sisters-in-law, become a family of 4, gained 3 nephews, started homeschooling, gone on multiple mission trips, gone to Hawaii, lived part time in FL, changed churches, and made some wonderful forever friends. 

We've had some absolutely awesome times and some very hard, trying times. And all those days in between.  It's called Life, right? 

And I'm so blessed to spend mine with the one that God brought into my life when I was just a silly little 13 year old.  I love you honey!!

Here's a few more pics:




Happy Anniversary to my sweetie!!


MiMi said... sweet! Ten years --that's AWESOME!

Hope you have a Happy, Happy Anniversary!

MiMi said...

P.S. You guys look exactly like you did 10 years ago! Amazing!

Melissa said...

Yay for you guys! 10 years is a milestone! I think you need a fabulous gift or an amazing trip or SOMETHING to commemorate this occasion! Don't you?? And Mimi's right ... you do look the same!
Love you and miss you!

Faith said...

Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds!! I love all the pics. 10 years is a long time, but it does fly by, doesn't it? So thankful we have been a part of your life for about 9 of those years!!

Love you both, Faith and Chad

Ashleigh said...

I missed this on Friday. Was a little wrapped up! ;o) But, Happy Anniversary! I love you both and I am so thankful that God finally worked it all for you both! I knew He would! Just had to convince you two of that!! And, other than the glasses and some MINOR hair do both look the same!!!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

You look just like you did on your wedding day!!! That's a gift my friend!! ;)

Time is just flying by!!

Traci said...

How I missed this I don't know...
it's a little late, but...
Happy 10th Anniversary! Congratulations! Hope you did something special to celebrate!