Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol Finale

I'm so excited that I get to watch the finale live tonight!  I've missed the last few weeks and had to watch either really late or the next day. 

There's been lots of talk, at least in my little circle of the world, about Idol tonight and we're all pretty much Kris fans.  Unsure if he can win it, but fans none the less. 

Well, Paula's been tanning and Simon doesn't have on a T-shirt!!  It must be a special night.  There should be lots of celebrities in the audience too, so I'll be giving them shout outs I'm sure.

Adam goes first tonight.  Ooo, Kara's co-written a song for them.  Very interesting. 

Adam's parents seem very normal.  That's all I have to say about that.  He's singing "Mad World" first.  Oh, he's just so dramatic with the smoke and weird lights.  I am so thankful that there's not screaming in this one.  He does have a great voice when he's not screaming.  And it's a lovefest for the judges, except for the coat for Simon.  Big surprise.

Anthony Hopkins! Fava beans!

Seriously are Kris Allen's parents not the cutest??  Kris is doing "Ain't No Sunshine".  I loved this performance the first time around and I'm SO glad he picked it.  Loved it again!!  Ooo Simon's clapping!  I think that's a good sign.  Wow, it's a lovefest for Kris too!  Didn't really expect that. 

Simon Fuller picked "Change Is Gonna Come" for Adam.  He changed into a shiny suit for this one.  That reminds me of all the suits and wacked out ties from the Bachelorette last night.  Was anybody else bothered by all the bad ties?  And we won't even talk about the one guy's Member's Only jacket.  Oh sorry.  I just heard Adam start screaming and remembered what I was doing. I don't really know what else to say.  He screams.  Every song (except "Mad World" oddly enough) sounds the same.  And I'm not a fan.  The end.  Oh seriously I'm afraid Paula's going to start throwing clothing items at Adam.

Katie and Suri!! 

Producer pick is "What's Going On" for Kris.  Good pick for him. I like acoustic guitar Kris.  I disagree with Randy.  That performance is Who He Is. It shows what kind of artist he is and will be.  Anything's going to seem "light" after Mr. Theatrical.  I don't think it has anything to do with The Night. 

Now they sing some song Kara wrote, right?  This should be good.  I mean how different will these two make it?  It could be like 2 different songs totally. 

"No Boundaries" is the song.  Adam's up first.  Well I'm not loving this song.  Don't know if it's the song or the singer.  I can't really understand the lyrics.  It's definitely not his best performance by a long shot.  Of course Kara likes it.  Simon took the easy way out and didn't even judge the performance.  Apparently he didn't like the song though.  Funny. 

Let's see Kris's take on it.  I'm assuming there won't be screaming.  This isn't that good either.  Let's just say it's the song, ok?  It's a little high, isn't it?  I think that's the worst I've heard him the whole competition.  I hope the judges judge him on the whole season like they did Adam.  And they did. 

Well I think it's just a matter of how many Danny fans vote for Adam and how many vote for Kris.  They are so different and I would think have way different fan bases and tonight's not going to change anybody's mind. 

Certainly won't change mine!!  Go Kris!!!


Faith said...

HATED the last song....it was terrible for both of them, I thought. Just hoping that Kris can pull of the win. We'll see in just a few!

coffee fan said...

congrats to Kris, he stuck it out, got the votes he needed when he needed them and ended up winning the whole thing; he's like a politician, only more sincere