Saturday, May 2, 2009

Golf and celebrities and such

These's a big golf tournament in our city this week. 

                           quail hollowlogo

Last year, when it was still called the Wachovia, I worked at it 2 days.  This year, I was just a spectator.  Much better.

We took the kids on the Pro/Am day and walked around for one or five hours.                 




                                           We saw the mayor.


And Tiger Woods....


who was playing with Peyton Manning....


who hit one very near us.



Looks like they're becoming buddies.



We also saw Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson. (Becca took this)


And here's Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson bribing giving something to a little boy he hit in the head.



Chris Berman, ESPN guy (Yes, he wore that to play)


He actually spent so much time talking and cutting up that right after I took this the Pro he was playing with walking down there and pulled him back up to the tee box.  Literally pulled him by his shirt.  Pretty funny.


Dr. J (Dude is HUGE)



Here's what I wore all day.


Ok, so I took this photo on the sly, but can you believe that?  There was a lot of what-were-you-thinking outfits out there.  

And while I do love to walk around and see famous people hit the little white ball, THIS is really why I like to go to the Quail Hollow:




Seriously, who lives like that?  


MiMi said...

I'm sure it's a lot more fun to be a spectator than to be a worker! You really got some amazing pictures, too! I bet the kids were excited about seeing some of the celebrities.

And those shoes....can you imagine anyone in their right mind wearing those to a golf tournament? Or, pretty much anywhere else for longer than 30 minutes!

Glad you guys had fun. See you tomorrow!

Kendra Haneline said...

Wow! corby asked me if i wanted to go, but i said no. seems very boring to me... i didn't think about looking at the houses though. he's headed there tomorrow for the day. i wonder if he will take any pics? doubt it.

Ashleigh said...

Neat Jen. Glad that you held out all day in those shoes. At least you looked classy, right? ;o) Thanks for sharing.

Mulchy Mama said...

John and Noah are there now....can't wait to hear what they have to say when they get back!
And as for the shoes.....who were they trying to impress? Do they not KNOW not to wear black patent heels after Easter? :) (you know I'm all about fashion....ha!). I bet you were MUCH more comfortable than girlfriend pictured. Youch!

Faith said...

Cannot believe Nascar dude hit a boy in the head! Not good. I'm so proud of your on the sly pic of the high heels - classic! I bet she was wishing for some Dr. Scholls by the end of the day. You got some great pics of the houses - they are incredible and I don't know who lives like that...certainly not me!