Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol - Top 3!!!

Can I get a What What??!!  Top 3!!!  I'm way more excited about this season than last.  WAY MORE.

Awww, remember when the mayor would deliver a white envelope in front of the whole town with the judge's choice?  We've come so far.

Danny's up first.  Paula's choice for him is "Dance Little Sister".  I liked it.  And really, after watching Taylor Hicks for a whole season who would ever critique someone's dancing?  Just sayin'.  That was a great song for his voice.  I love me some Danny and all but I think 3rd place is his for the taking. 

Seriously I think Simon and Paula should just get together already.  I mean they are just one pigtail pull short of a total elementary school romance. 

Obviously Idol doesn't trust Kara to pick a song on her own.  She and Randy picked "Apologize" for Kris.  He's back on the piano.  Haven't seen that in a while, have we?  Good choice for him.  Maybe these judges do know a thing or two.  Loved it!!   Ok I change my mind about the judges knowing anything.  Does Kara just want it to be a Danny/Adam finale?  I mean, she picked the dern song! 

Simon picked, and apparently arranged, "One" for Adam.  Dude, the judges are choosing amazing songs for these guys.  I can't look at him when he's screaming and sticking his tongue out!  My eyes! My eyes!  (a la Phoebe Buffay) I mean, come on, it was a fantastic performance until he started licking the microphone and screaming and going all freaky freaky on us. 

Danny's singing "You Are So Beautiful" for Round 2.  It's a little s l o w.  Vocals were really good MAD!  Dawg!  Great job, glasses boy!

Oh crap.  Kris is singing Kanye West!!!  "Heartless"  I don't know Kanye music.  I can't stand him!  Is this a good choice???  I'm betting this is NOT how Kanye sings this song.  Ok, seriously I loved it.  I don't care WHO sang it before Kris.  Arms up yelling "YEAH" at Randy's comment!  Yeah baby, yeah!!!  I'm totally voting tonight.  (Don't judge. No, I haven't voted this season.)

Big surprise, Adam's singing Aerosmith,  "Crying."  See, if he'd just stay in that range he's in at the beginning, I might be able to handle it.  But there he goes in that falsetto screaming, trying to eat the mic.  Oh whatever.  He's a performer, headed to Broadway or something

I'm voting already and getting busy signals for Kris.  Yay!


Mulchy Mama said...

I love reading your critiques!! I am SO going to miss this!! And guess what else I love.....some Kanye!!! Woot woot! (clean versions only, of course) I was so excited to see Kris choose that song....he rocked it out. And I'm like Randy...I like his version even better than ol' Kanye's. Seriously, you should listen to Kanye's Love Lockdown - it's sure to make you get down and boogie!
Anyhoo, great job! Adam just makes me sick. I hate to say that, b/c I love some rock n roll, but I seriously don't think every single song someone sings should make them look like they're about to start crying (although "Crying" probably should, but he does that on every song). :) I really want to like him, but he's just too confident for me. And I heart Danny Gokey...he probably should get 3rd, but he's just the sweetest thing.
And I would so seriously by any of these guys' songs (I wouldn't have to look at Adam, so I could handle it). :)
One hour, twenty two minutes and counting til the results...............woohoooooo!!

Faith said...

Cannot.take.the.tongue.any.more. Sooo ready for Adam to go, but I don't think it's gonna happen.

Love me some Kris and Danny!!