Monday, March 9, 2009

Not me! Monday

This is my first Not me! Monday post.  I love reading MckMama's blog and these are especially entertaining.  She's a wife and mom and she's just getting real and being honest.  And cracking people up, one post at a time. 
So here's what I did didn't do this week:
I certainly did not pay our car payment to the cell phone company last month.  And I did not just realize it last night!  And I did not get all red and sweaty telling my husband about it.  Nope, not me!
I also did not leave food in a crock pot all day and then discover at about 5pm that it had quit working.  Not me!  And then I did not suggest Zaxby's for dinner. 
Finally, I did not leave the hair clippers bag out on the counter to remind me to cut Hayes' hair and then not cut it for 2 days.  Because I never forget to do things and NEVER leave sharp instruments within reach of little children.   And that DID NOT result in my 3 yr old getting hold of the scissors and cutting a chunk out of his own hair!  Nope, never happened!
Head on over to my charming kids to see what MckMama and everyone else has not been doing all week!


Melissa said...

Are you SURE you didn't borrow my brain either because ALL of those sound like things that I would NEVER do either!! HA! Oh, could you fix the hair? I totally understand about messed up haircuts, but I paid for mine!:)

Faith said...

I'm so glad you did one of these, they are so fun!

Oh, and I can always think of good reasons to go to Zaxby's =)

MiMi said...

These sound like things that I "never do" on a regular basis! (-:

What a fun post!

Mulchy Mama said...

I love this!! I haven't read her blog, but it sounds like it's totally up my alley so I'm gonna have to check it out!!
I'm with Faith...I can always think of a reason to eat at Zaxby's....luckily, so can John and the kiddos...we are SOOO a Zaxby's family!! :)

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

That was cute!! I don't think I should join into this list would be WAY to long!! Hope you are having a ROCKIN time in DC! Do you think you all will do this next year???