Tuesday, March 31, 2009

American Idol - Top 9

Here I sit, running behind again, snacking on cinnamon Teddy Grahams left over from Becca's softball game tonight. (Which they WON by the way.  My baby was 3 for 3!  Totally gets ALL her athletic ability from her daddy and I couldn't be more proud.)

It's Popular Download Week.  Also known as A Way To Show Ryan At His Other Job.

Anoop Desai -  "Caught Up"  Vocals aren't great, Dawg.  The first part is not that good for me.  He's performing well, working the crowd.  He's getting a little 'tude with the judges.  

Paula's hair is looking a little flat again.  I bet my friend Faith is loving that.  

Megan Joy - "Turn Your Lights Down Low"  A little Bob Marley action.  Not sure how I feel about this.  Gracious could she HAVE more going on with the necklaces and the top?  She just looks like she doesn't know what to do on stage.  I'm just not digging her anymore.  I totally agree with Simon on this.  It was monotonous.

Danny Gokey - "What Hurts the Most"  Good song choice for him.  I like this.  Great job.  He's BACK!!  I'd buy that in a hot minute! 

Allison Iraheta - "Don't Speak"  Did she just say she GREW UP listening to No Doubt?  Oh bless it.  What in the world is up with that hair?   I think No Doubt is a good move for her.  She screaming a little, but is it rocker screaming or just screaming? 

Scott MacIntyre - "Just the Way You Are"  Ok I admit I heard this earlier live when I was putting kids to bed and I'm going to listen to it again.  I love that it's just him and the piano.  Fabulous.  It was fabulous. ;)  And seriously.  What about that hair!  At least they didn't put him in pink pants again. 

Matt Giraud - "You Found Me"  Really who could believe he was in the botton 3 last week?  Oooo a little keyboard in the audience action.  Oh goodness the kids around him trying to clap is distracting me.  Get it together people or just STOP IT!  I think he did a good job.  But who are we kidding?  I could barely pay attention.  The judges REALLY didn't like it.  Yikes. 

Lil Rounds - "I Surrender"  I can't think how this song goes.  Surely a Celine song has some BIG moments.  Oh, I really like her hair!  Well I didn't love it.  There were definitely a few big note moments but I'm not so sure about it. 

Adam Lambert - "Play That Funky Music" What was that little walk he was doing?  Elvis hair is back.  Ok, great performance.  And you don't know how bad it hurt to type that last sentence.  Did Paula just put him in a category with Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler? 


Kris Allen - "Ain't No Sunshine"  I like this arrangement.  I LOVE IT!  I'm pretty sure I'd buy anything he sings.  Woo Hoo!!!!

My faves tonight are Kris, Danny, and Allison.  I think Megan is going home. 

The Osbournes are next.  Just another sign that Jesus is coming back SOON, people.


Kendra Haneline said...

my hubby forced me to watch a few minutes of the osborne's.... HORRIBLE! i kept my eyes covered most of the time. this is just wrong to show on public tv

my faves... danny, matt & kris... allison had it going on. not sure i like her style, but she CAN sing. hate that tatto girl made it through AGAIN... please people!

Heather said...

Come quickly, Lord! :) LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Kris tonight and you should hear him singin' some praise music!!! Let me just tell you....AMAZING! Allison's outfit was hideous...I loved seeing Mandisa! And I thought Danny did a great job, too!

Faith said...

I haven't gotten to watch it yet, so no blogging for me =( I hope to catch up today, but I loved your recap and I'm sure I will completely agree with your picks!

Melissa said...

Kris is really good, but every time he sings he remdinds me of a camel or a lama with his mouth. ha! It sort of goes sideways. Danny was SOO good. I love him. Adam is good, but I hate saying it too. Allison's hair alone is too much much less something IN it like a flower!! Oh my word.
Fun "watchin'" with you!