Friday, March 28, 2008

Eye Surgery Worth Shouting About

Yay! My neck is feeling so much better! Thank you, Lord! We have moved out of the land of stiff-necked people. Finally!

My hubby had LASIK today. Now THAT was fun. ha. Maybe for my kids who got to spend 4 hours at our friends' house, playing guitar hero and eating Mickey D's. (go to Faith's site to see some really cute pictures) Not so much for the adults of the family. The surgery went well and he's now sleeping, so we'll have to wait until tomorrow to get his take on things. Because he doesn't even remember picking up the kids, and he went IN THE HOUSE and talked to our friends!! Good meds!

Now you may not know this, but before I was a stay-home mom, I was a nurse. Man, that seems like a lifetime ago. Well, it was---my daughter's lifetime. Seven years ago. Anyway, you would think I would be used to surgeries and gross stuff---I worked in L&D, for goodness sake. But anything with the eye really grosses me out. Makes my stomach queasy and I want to put my hands over my ears, shut my eyes, and start going "lalalalalalalala". I know, quite mature, huh? So, do you really need to ask if I watched his surgery? No ma'am I did not. I worked on my Bible study and read some People magazine.

I also listened to a video in the waiting room ALL ABOUT THE LASIK. Apparently it was on a loop because I heard it fifty-eleven times. And I seriously wanted to go eject that tape because how many times do I have to hear that you may smell something like burning hair (!) when the laser is on. REALLY? REALLY? Do I even know what burning hair smells like? I'm pretty sure it is lovely.

I'm also pretty sure I could quote the whole thing but seriously I'm trying to block it out. So if you want to know what else it said, go get your own LASIK. (and can I just say that I have been spelling this all wrong all week---lasix) Whatever. I didn't have to have it. And apparently it is always spelled in all caps because the LASIK? It is worth shouting about!

**Go Davidson**


Valarie said...

You're so funny girl! I know what you mean, I was just a CMA but working in family practice I did see a TON of cool stuff and anything that has to do with skin makes me get queezy. I could watch once the initial cut was made, but breaking the skin - YUK! Even taking out sutures - YUK!! haha Anyway I feel ya girl!!

See ya Sunday and YAY Davidson!!!

Faith said...

Girl, you are a trip! I love this! I will give a shout out for LASIK! I think it is awesome that they could take my blind as a bat little eyes and make me see 20/20! Yahooh! I'm glad he went through with it and I'm glad it went well!
And Go Davidson!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

I didn't know Faith had Lasik?? Imagine all this I'm learning from your blogs!! =) That's awesome! I hope to have it done one day! I hope he can see today!!