Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Training

My little family is in FL for 2 weeks with the hubby's work again (a whole other post). We were excited to go to some baseball games while we're here. We've been talking about the ones we really want to see, looking at the schedules, all that. So we're sitting at the Phillies/Twins game today. (Yawn) I mean, what self-respecting North Carolinian would be excited to see either of these teams? Seriously. Braves. yes. Twins? Not so much.

So anyway, the 3 yr old (almost) says,"When are the Crankies coming out?" (I should preface this by saying he is WAY into Thomas the Train and there is a crane named Cranky in that whole train set. So now he calls all cranes that he sees Cranky.) I'm thinking, "I haven't seen any construction around here. What is he talking about?" I say," What Crankies?" He says, "The Crankies, when are they coming?" THEN he says, "the Crankies and the Red Sox!" I almost fell off my seat! The YANKEES and the Red Sox! He's heard us talking about trying to see the Yankees/Red Sox game on Monday! The kids, they are so funny.

And speaking of the Yankees game. Apparently spring training? IT'S A BIG DEAL, Y'ALL! You can't just show up and get tickets. They sell out! Even the Phillies and the Twins! We got the last 3 seats in the whole stadium today. But can I say that 1st row on the 3rd base side? They are good seats. Although I almost got trampled by grown men trying to get autographs. Grown men! And the players? Signing baseballs and ticket stubs (my kid's) is not their favorite thing to do when they've just gotten beaten 11-2. Who knew? So the Yankees will have to do without us on Monday. Because it seems that all the real fans got their tickets in January or something.

Last thing. A word to the wise. From the unwise. Putting sunscreen on your face and chest does NOT protect your legs or arms. I mean really. So you have to put it EVERYWHERE? Well they should totally put that on the label. Now you know.

You're welcome.


Faith said...

The Crankies! That is hilarious! I know that my man would agree with that nickname.

P.S. I hope you have some aloe!

Melissa said...

Yikes! Sorry about the sunburn. I think you are right though... you must apply to all areas that you don't want to burn! We need to talk to the label folk! The little man... he's a hoot! Glad you guys had fun though. VERY cool about the autographs! FUN!