Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Idol Thoughts and Feeling Old

Not much is going on here in the land of stiff necked people. Kids are playing well together (woo hoo) and I'm still sporting the heating pad. Fun times, people. Fun times.

So let's talk about Idol and Dancing, shall we? I love Brooke! Love her voice, love her piano playing (by ear!), love her hair, love her! So obviously she will not win. Whatever.

I'm tired of trying to interpret Paula. I mean, she seriously needs some sub-titles. I'm just saying.

I really like David Cook, David Archuleta, and Brooke White. I'm thinking it's time for Kristy to go though. She just stands there! Move, girl, move!

Ok, I don't have a whole re-cap because I'm on medication and I can't really remember the entire show. (Actually not remembering the show doesn't have anything to do with the meds, but it makes me feel not so old to say that. And let's face it. Hearing songs from the year they were born that I knew every word to because I sang them AT PROM, is making me feel old enough. *sigh*)

SO....on to Dancing. Can I just say, the Jonas Brothers? Singers? Not so much. And they had to have stocked the audience with young teenagers because I'm pretty sure adults wouldn't be screaming like that for them. Anywhoo, not too surprised about Monica leaving and it was a toss up between Penn and Adam for me. I'm loving Kristy Yamaguchi and Jason Taylor. And I'm just amazed at Marlee Matlin every time she gets on that floor!

Also, this has really been bothering me. Samantha Harris needs to stop cutting people off! I know they are on a time schedule and blah blah blah, but girlfriend is interupting people left and right! It drives me crazy! Ok, rant over.

Are you ('you' referring to the 3 people who read this, ha!) watching these shows? What's your opinion? Who needs to go? And more importantly, did you feel old listening to the songs on Idol?


Mulchy Mama said...

Well, since Idol is the only adult show I get to watch any more (and the kids know I HAVE to watch it!)I'll definitely comment on this one! Brooke is just my FAVE!!! I've loved her from the beginning!! I also like Carly, David Cook, and Michael Johns (I loved his song last night!). Chikezie is one of my top picks too. I think it's time for poor little Kristyleecook (Ryan always says her whole name) to go too. But I personally think she should've gone after she did that awful country version of "Eight Days A Week." That was rough. I'm with you on Paula too -- John said if he has to hear the term "who you are" come out of her mouth again he's gonna scream. :) "Be who you are. This is who you are. Etc." As for the Dancing, count me out on that I said, I'm only allowed one adult show. :) And yes, it was depressing that we were singing all those songs at the prom, except for David Archuleta's song which I totally had never heard before. Maybe that came out when I was in my Country Music phase??
Well, I've written such a long comment I probably should've just blogged about this on my own blog instead of taking up your space. :)
See you tonight!

JenB said...

Thanks for commenting here! I don't really think anyone had heard David A's song. Even the judges were confused. haha Not that that's new for Paula.

pinkmommy said...

I love love love Brooke. Can't wait for her album to come out!

I am ready for Kristy to go, but I think she might have bought herself another week last night. Guess we will see tonight.

As for Dancing, you are right... Marlee is amazing. Adam Corolla is hilarious but cannot dance. I said this on my blog, but I am rootin' for Kristi to go all the way.

Valarie said...

Hey chickapea! I made a big pact last season NOT to watch Idol this year because the real talent NEVER wins and I was rantin' about it, but I have snuck over a couple of times and heard the long blonde girl. Is that Brooke? She started in the wrong key last night and started over. Is that her? I like her too so you're right, she won't win. haha

I'm lovin' some Kristy too. Girl, everything about Samantha Harris gets on my nerves. I don't understand why they have this woman who acts like a CNN correspondent on a DANCING show?! Don't understand that decision. Must've been her cleav.....well you get it.

Have you ever watched America's Next Top Model? That's my addiction. LOVE it. Hate most of the episodes until the end though. Too many FREAKS on there! haha Anyway, still so glad you're bloggin' girl! See ya tonight.

JenB said...

yep, Val, that's Brooke.
I have seen ANTM, although it's sporadic. Daniel usually vetoes it, so we watch something else. And ya know, when the man vetoes a show with scantily clad women you have to honor that. Guarding his eyes, he is. Love that.
Later! (although maybe not tonight seeing as I can't raise my arms over my head to fix my hair. getting better, thankfully!)

Faith said...

Hey my friend! I hope you are starting to improve and are feeling a little better!
I haven't watched Idol yet....we tivo'd it becuase I had to teach a late class last night (ugh!) but anyway, I hope to catch up tonight before we watch the results show.
I, too, love Brooke and can't wait to see her performance.
We haven't gotten into Dancing lately, I can never remember when it comes on, and Chad refuses to set a season pass for I guess I'm out of the loop on that one!
Let me know if you need anything...I'll be around!

Melissa said...

Girl... you got some comments on this one! You've touched a nerve!! hee hee! I am with you guys... I love Brooke and she is so real. That's what I love the most. I do LOVE David Cook and Michael Johns. It seems like they have done this all of their lives. Paula KILLS me. We are just over that chick. Dancin' with the Stars is pretty good too. I have only watched one night and it was pretty good. I have never (EVER!) liked the announcer chick. She bothers me.
In my humble opinion.
Get well stiff necked people. Hope you rested today and feel oh. so. much better. :) Love you!

Valarie said...

Girl, I know what you mean about your man not watching ANTM. I have to record it and watch on nights that Jimmy works late and the kids are in bed. Definetly not a family kinda show or even one for the man. For that matter, neither is 'Dancing'! I mean, who can compete with the costumes those girls wear?! FOR REAL! Think maybe I should get me one of those for the next time I'm on VT? CAN YOU IMAGINE?!! hahahahaha

Hope your stiff neck is better!

Stephanie D. said...

All right I must be the only person in the world that does not watch either one of those. (who has time to watch TV?) So any-who, I hope you are starting to feel better, I have had one of those and Oh girl, thats all I can say is Oh girl. I am praying for ya.