Sunday, March 23, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

We're finally home!!! Well we got home Friday evening. But as you can see, I've been too busy playing with my blog to actually post something.

We got home just in time to meet our friends Chad and Faith at our favorite restaurant. (I don't know how to do that linky thing yet, so go over to my friends list for Faith's blog) They had her sister and her daughter with them. It's one of those old-school, park and eat in your car places (like Sonic, but older). Anyway, the BEST burgers. And we always get a cherry-lemon Sundrop. Yum!

We pulled in there like the Clampett's. We had driven Daniel's Accord to the airport, so we were all stuffed in there with all the luggage and stuff from 2 weeks of travel. So funny! All we needed was Granny strapped to the top!

The kids played in Chad and Faith's van and in between our cars. Cause what kind of mom would I be if I didn't let them play in the parking lot? We took a few pictures but of course my camera battery died before I could download them, so that will have to wait.

I am so happy to be home! My bed felt so great! And it's calling me now! Since I had to get up at 6 to get to church early, I'm worn out.

Thanks to Faith for helping me with my blog. I'm still working on it. Bear with me!!


Faith said...

Nothing beats their cheeseburger with chili, slaw and mayo...nothing! I had to settle for cherry lemon sprite, and let me tell you, it's just not the same! We had a blast. Glad ya'll are back!

The blog looks awesome! You are doing so good. I love the pictures you added!

My bed is calling me too, I am beat. But what an awesome day it was in the Lord's house!

Melissa said...

verrrrrrrry cute girlfriends! What time were you at South 21? We were there too for lunch! AND I had a cherry sundrop!! :) Had BBQ though because we were cooking out burgers the next night with mom and dad. Can't wait to get my blog looking good. I put in my profile that I like to be creative! Well... if you take a look at that blog you will see that I am not showing it! hee hee! Glad you are home and safe. Happy Easter!

JenB said...

Well, actually I had the cherry lemon sprite too since it was after lunch and I can't handle my caffeine that late. So lame.

Valarie said...

Well, well, well!! FINALLY bit the bullet huh? LOVE your blog. TOO CUTE!!

Was yesterday awesome or what?! LOVED IT!!