Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday

So when we're in FL over a weekend (it's only happened 3 times in 3 months---don't like to miss our church) we visit a local church that we found on the internet. It's pretty similar to our home church and we really like it. The kids just go right to their classes, no problem. It's a little more of an ordeal to get ME to small group class though. I just don't really do well with the small talk and we don't know ANYONE, so I get really nervous. Of course I know that I'll never meet anyone if I don't ever do things like this, so off we went. And everyone was super nice. (and this is where the husband says "I told you so!" It's kind of annoying when he's always right!) Whatever. He knows I'm weird.

Well, I got really brave tonight (how many times have I typed 'really'?) and we went to their Lord's Supper service. Now I will admit (shamefully) that there have been times when I have just gone through the motions. Please tell me I'm not the only one! But tonight, with Easter coming up and all, it was quite moving for me. They also showed scenes from "Passion of the Christ" during the service. That movie is so powerful! I'm very visual, so to see the blood dripping off Christ's body, knowing it was for me....and then to hear the pastor quote Christ, "This is my blood, shed for you"...well, how can you not be moved? And so very humbled. And thankful.

And I love, love, love that my 7 yr old was sitting beside me taking part in the service. She accepted Christ last year and was baptized and is always so excited when we have the Lord's Supper. I just pray that she will never take it lightly. I know that she understands only as much as a 7 yr old brain can, so I pray that as her understanding grows so will her appreciation for what it all means.

Thank you, Father, for sending Your Son for me. For knowing the agony He would endure and sending Him anyway. For us. For all. May I never again just go through the motions.

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Faith said...

Sadly, you are not the only one. I found today to be very moving as well. The worship time was incredible, and then the sermon was so good and reminded me of all that Christ endured in my place. The fact that the Father was "satisfied" because of His Son's sacrifice - all for me, you, us so that we could be saved. Wow! May we never lose the wonder of the cross and go through the motions again!
Missed you!