Saturday, March 15, 2008

I can't believe this....

So apparently I'm the last hold out among my friends. My hubby is making fun of me for caving. But so many things have happened today that I've thought, "Man, this would be great to blog about!" So yea, I'm caving. And you should hear his ideas for blog names. Let's just say I didn't use any of them.

"Homeward Bound" refers to quite a bit about my life right now. I'm a Christian, so I'm heavenly homeward bound. We're traveling a lot with hubby's work, so we seem to be always NC homeward bound. Anyway, the name popped into my head and I thought it applied. So here I go---into the world of blogging. Yippee!!!!


Faith said...

You and me both girl! I seriously can't believe I caved either!
I like the name and it makes perfect sense!
Miss you guys and wish you were going to be here tomorrow. It won't be the same in the alto section without ya!

Melissa said...

Well, look at cha! I am very excited to see you doing this!! You would have tons to write about with all the travels. I like the name too. :) Miss you guys!