Saturday, March 29, 2008

Opening Day!!!

Our little Becca Boo, as we call her sometimes, started softball today. She has 2 years of T-ball behind her and this year she moves up. So it's all girls now and coach pitch. They did really well for their first game, though they lost 3-1. They keep score now!! We were very proud of her. It was a fun morning for everyone but next game I'd like to order up some warmer weather. We froze!! Here are some pictures of Becca and the Green Machine team.

She played at the pitcher position (it's coach pitch) most of the game and got a LOT of balls hit to her. I don't think any got by her.

Throwing to 1st

Ready to go

Saa-wing, batter!

Great job, Becca! We love you!


Faith said...

Oh my goodness!!! She looks like a pro out there! We will have to come catch a game so we can see her in action! We will aim for a warmer day sure was chilly out there today!
Missed y'all at Chili/Game night!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

I will second that!! It was VERY cold out there!! Taylor, Kennedy and I, we took the walk of shame to the car to sit out the rest of the game, but Hopie ended up getting rained out! =(

Beccaboo is in the "big time" now!! Whoo hoo!! =)

Melissa said...

AW! girly!! Stop being so big!! My word she looks big! Way to go. I know you guys are proud of her. You have to let us know when the games are. :) Love ya!