Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to You!

Yesterday was our baby's 3rd birthday! And as he told me the other day, "I not a baby! I don't eat baby food! I free (3). That means I not a baby." Well said, buddy. Well said.

Hayes likes cars, especially the ones from the Cars movie, and trains. Anything with wheels I guess. He enjoys playing ball, whatever kind his sister is playing at the time. He wrestles with Daddy, reads books with Becca, and plays games with me. His favorite word is "why?" and he uses it often. He uses the potty like a big boy. He likes my praise and worship music and his most recent favorite is "Everlasting God". He sings "wait upon da Lord, wait upon da Lord" all the time. His favorite food is "cheetos and chicken nuggets" (I just asked him).

I could go on and on about him, but I'll end by saying that he's our little miracle and blessing. We prayed for him for a long time before God blessed us with him and we are so thankful. The Lord has loaned us some fantastic kids to raise.

Here are some pictures from our little family celebration. We're having a party next weekend with all the family from out of town.

waiting patiently

My very own Leapster!!

The very fancy homemade cake
Happy Birthday, Hayes. Try not to give me too many gray hairs this year, 'k?
Love, Mommy


Faith said...

Okay, this made me cry! I seriously cannot believe that he is three years old! I remember praying for him for so long, I remember walking down the beach talking about what you would name a little boy, I remember finding out that you were pregnant and us both crying and laughing in the car, I remember keeping Becca the night you went to the hospital, I remember taking her in to see her new brother for the first time...time has flown by and now he is a big, handsome boy!
Hayes, you are such a blessing and Chad and I are so thankful to be a part of your life! We love you and are praying for you as you continue to grow!

Melissa said...

Bless the boy!! Oh my goodness he is so handsome! He told me he wanted a "Weapster." Glad he got it! He's precious and he IS an answer to prayer!! I remember praying and praying for you all and how amazing it was when you told us! Sweet memories... very sweet. He cracks me UP! oh my word!! Love him!! And Becca! And you! :)

Stephanie D. said...

Oh my word he is a cutie pie. Your post is so sweet. I love a birthday. ya know I always have melt down on my kids birthdays, because look back, like Faith was talking about. You are so blessed.