Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh my aching neck

This is going to be me whining about my neck. And I can because this is, ya know, my blog.

So in the shower on Sunday, bright and early because I had to be there at 7:30(!), I started feeling this knot in my upper back. Right in between my left shoulder and my lower neck. Just a little tight knot feeling. I've had this before and it is NOT good. It's only the beginning of some major crazy pain.

I told Faith on the way to church about it (we rode together). She was quite encouraging, with all the "oh goodness all the standing in choir isn't going to help that". Thanks, girl. (I'm so kidding) Anyway, it did indeed get worse as the day went on. My afternoon and evening was spent in bed with a heating pad. Happy Easter!

And today? I am sitting on the couch with my new best friend, the heating pad, listening to the BigBoo Cast from BooMama. My kids are running wild and we haven't done school yet. I walk like the hunchback of Notre Dame, barely turn my head, and can't lift my arms above shoulder level. Good thing I don't have to fix my hair today! Fun times!

Ok, I have to go break up a fight. Later!


Faith said...

Oh gracious! Are you a "stiff-necked" people over there?
I really am sorry, because I know that's not fun! There I go again with my great gift of encouragement...ha!!
Seriously though, I hope you feel better soon!

Melissa said...

Sorry about the neck there... stiff necked people. Breaking up a fight with a stiff neck has to be fun too. Don't you love those encouraging friends? Hee hee! No, I am really sorry. You look like you are in some pain. Let me know if I can help! Love you! And hanging out with the kids! Sweet kids!

Melissa said...

OH! That's funny! Faith's comment had not come up when I wrote stiff necked people! We are just sharing a brain today! hee hee! GREAT FRIENDS ya got there Jen! Sorry. :)

JenB said...

haha stiff necked people. I get it. Actually I keep thinking about Sheila at Fripp Island. I need to email her. We all laughed and laughed at her. I feel bad now.

Valarie said...

Girl I'm sorry you're hurtin' today! Hope the drugs help!

Melissa was my hero today too! Car died, she helped. UGH!

See ya.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Oh girl, sorry about your neck issues!! I know that's not fun!! Hope you're doing better today!