Monday, March 24, 2008

Friends and Food

So I finally charged my camera battery. Here are some pictures from our fun night at South 21 on Friday.

My silly husband

The guys hung out in our car after we ate. There were ballgames to listen to and guy stuff to talk about.

The girls and the kids were in Chad and Faith's van. This is Rebecca and Hayes (our kids) and Emma (Grace's daughter, Chad and Faith's neice).

Too bad I didn't get any pictures of us girls. We were busy chit-chatting. We had a lot to catch up on!! Maybe next time.
And Hey! I figured out the linky thing! Welcome to 2008, me!


Faith said...

Love the food, love the pics, but most of all love the friends!!!
Chad and Faith

P.S. Chad thinks that since I mentioned his name that makes him an official "commenter" on your blog!

JenB said...

Yea, I guess that counts. Did you see that Daniel commented the other day?

Faith said...

Yes, Chad saw it and he decided he didn't want to be shown up by Daniel!

Melissa said...

All of my friends have lost their minds. Well, at least the guys. VERY cute pics there! Love you guys!

Faith said...

Check you out with the links!! I'm impressed! Before you know it you are going to be proficient in HTML! Ha!!